Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your reply.

Your channeled messages really hit home for me. I am really trying to work on bettering myself and change the way I deal with things and my own internal dialogue. I do realize that what you think you create, so I’m really trying to change some of my bad habits and limiting beliefs and negative internal dialogue.

I have never met anyone in all my travels and sharing of wisdom as advanced and wise as you. Dear Jeff you have surpassed all of my hopes and dreams. Your superior psychic abilities that see this incredible depth and all the hidden issues I completely forgot about are so amazing. I have been able to let go of a lot of past childhood traumas. I still have a lot more to clear. I imagine it will be a lifelong process.

You’ve definitely helped me in realizing some of the things I do and I am now starting to catch myself in the moment or right before a moment happens. I am then able to take a second to make the conscious choice to react differently or stop the negative behavior. I feel that your message was definitely in alignment to what I am currently working on. I still have much progress to make, but it is getting better. I also wanted to comment about your statement in the reading to “expect the best to happen…. not the worst.”

I also definitely have a sort of bitterness about myself, and I most definitely lack courage. I guess that probably also stems from expecting the worse. Since this statement was in my psychic level, I feel like maybe you were speaking in regards to me lacking the courage to grow as a healer. I again put a self-limiting block up by telling myself I will never be good enough, or I don’t have the ability to provide the high level of healing or messages to others.

You also said some individuals naturally create intensity or the dramatics…man oh man, is that me! But you’re right, I do constantly compare myself to others who do not create these things, and so then I believe what I’m doing is ‘bad.’ I’m also told that this part of my personality is bad by others. My mother and my boyfriend are always telling me how I exaggerate everything and I’m also so intense.

I again really appreciate your time and efforts. You have a real talent. You are very much correct and accurate with everything you’ve said thus far. I look forward to reading the reading over and over again, as I’m sure I will get new things from it each and every time. Bless you and thanks a bunch!

Kylie R.

Thank You Jeff.

Your insight was incredibly profound and moving. And correct! I cannot express in words how your words have affected me, I agree with you when you explain about feeling residual energies from words, as I was reading I did – with all you had written. Now I have a feeling of incredible peace. Thank you.

You have given me a feeling of belonging and connectivity to my roots and where I am of. For that I am truly grateful. I really did not know where I am from. Do you have a recommendation of a Seth book that is just right for a beginner?

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart, I have printed it off and keep going back to it again. I am sure with these multiple readings I will absorb and realize more and more. I cannot tell you how honored I am to have received this information from you. Thank you very very much for taking the time to assist me.


Omg I wanted to say to you THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!! Your reading touched me so deeply that I was at a loss of words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be back to explain more!!!!! This weekend!!! THANK YOU, my friend,!!!!

Thank you very much for once again taking a moment of your time to help me.
I’m very grateful to you, thank you!! =))

That’s a very relaxing image of you drinking tea and my favorite is chamomile!
And yes i have release some of my most dense energies. I had to fight back and not let my mind take over. I had to fight that monster that was in my head and that was taking over my life and health. I’m just so happy that i no longer feel the anxiety.

I just have to keep myself in check to make sure it doesn’t come back. I’m deeply grateful to you for helping me with this. My still trying to figure out my goals or spiritual goals. But overall im doing much better for sure. My health is improving too. And I’m finding the answers to my challenges much easier too. I can definitely feel that strong white light you’re talking about 🙂

I had to re-read your messages several times. Every time i come back to them i seem to find or understand something new lol i gain more clarity. I understand what’s being said in this message. I will find some time if i can every day to do this. I have been doing some of this work mentally but i believe it’s better to write them down so i won’t forget.

Thank you again my friend. Your warm energetic hug is very welcome and deeply felt. I send you many warm energetic hugs, Angela M.

Hi Jeff –

I really, genuinely am unsure of what to say. I’m so shocked at how absolutely on point it is. Really – you managed to capture two major themes within my life right now, revolving and cycling within different events, and strike the nail on a head more accurately than I ever believed possible. I do have a couple questions (particularly related to the Zeta Reticuli karma…).

Sure, it’s a mixture of events occurring in my life right now, but since I initially read this, it feels like something deep and pure broke free from a lot that’s been systematized and regulated throughout this lifetime. You truly awoke something. Right now, there’s an intensely rapid, completely non-stop wave of old energies rising to the surface, and I’m convinced that’s because my higher self is trying to make way for the truth I remembered after reading what you conveyed.

Really – thank you from the depths of my heart. Is there anything I can do to repay you? Any kind of recompense for this? I’d be more than happy to follow through on whatever it might be.

Thank you so, so much. This was something I desperately needed and it came at exactly the right moment. Hope you’re having an amazing day filled with lots of love and light! <3


Dear Jeff:

What your higher self has analyzed took slightly longer to digest and I’m sure it will remain that way for a little bit. But it does feel like much of the truth I recognize, as always, just something that’s difficult to comprehend mentally regardless of my soul/spirit understanding things perfectly.

Truly, though, I cannot thank you enough. This was a very important mountain along my path and you/your words 100% helped me remember the strength to climb it on my own. I feel very peaceful right now and extremely prepared/willing to move forward, with your messages and guidance tucked tight within my own personal ‘backpack’.

Thank you again for everything, my friend! Couldn’t imagine this journey without your incredible, profound, deeply cosmic wisdom. I am extremely grateful and will always express that gratitude for your presence at this point in my life. Please let me know if you ever need help with anything at all. 🙂 Lots of love and light to you. <

Ariana M.

Hi Jeff:

I really appreciate your clarity on many different areas going on within me on so many different levels. I am going to be processing all this for some time and you are so right about all of it. Thank you for making it much more digestible and process-able so I can face it with more conscious awareness.

The details from part 2 and 3 I have been looking at as if through a gap in a blindfold seeing bits not the whole picture and trying to figure out exactly where I am going and what I am looking at. This helps so much.

Now that I can see where I am going, I see the process will be worth it.

Many thanks, Nicole


Thank you again, you have left me with an emphasis on changing all the above, I had to sleep on it as it spoke so true to me. I will practice being more self-aware and present in my relations with others.

I suffer from quite bad anxiety and I know that the expectations, judgement and need to be free, all relate to that. I have experienced much abuse, trauma and great loss in my life and am trying to heal and release a lot, therapy helps, family hinders. I desire peace of mind and unconditional love.

I still have a long way to go.



I want to respond to you about how very accurate your reading is.

The personal reading describes my situation to a tee. Indeed, the pregnancy is symbolic and that and infants were used in the beginning in several visions. I understand only a little of their meaning.

I physically feel the energy you say is hindering me or blocking me. I do feel anxiety and feel trapped also. The “joke” about the reading is my feeling a victim and that I open myself to others to know that I am unworthy.

Thank you for the steps and solutions. Everything is exact. It’s a lot of work to change thinking, beliefs etc.

With much love and gratitude, Kate R.

Oh wow, Jeff, this was such an amazing reading!! I am so happy you did this for me. It really means so much to me! You are so kind!

I am still reading this over many times to understand it more. I think it makes a lot of sense to me. When you said “Confusion, loneliness, and low self-worth/image are energies that need to be addressed”, I was so shocked because those are really big issues I deal with! When I was young, they were such a big part of my life because I was so shy and felt I had almost no friends. I had really low self-worth and was scared of people who I thought were more confident and powerful than me.

Also, I always try to agree with people and not cause trouble because I’m scared that people will get mad at me or not want to be my friend anymore. So often I try to stay humble and praise others but sometimes neglect myself. When I was 16, I started meditating, and my confidence has seemed to get better, but I think these are still things I can all improve on. I think in my life, there have been lots of changes and I think there’s important lessons for me to learn especially about learning to trust and love myself and also know how powerful my thoughts and emotions are.

I will read your reading over again probably many times because I learn something new each time!! I am so happy for your reading. I will not forget it!!

thank you sincerely, lifelove.

Dear Jeff:

First, Jeff, let me thank you again for the time and energy you spent on my reading. It has shaken me and I didn’t expect that. The overall “feel” of the information you passed on to me about my past life has the same feel as my current life.

Much of my life has been about division that I’ve chosen. I am drawn to division and romanticize conflict. I have not had an especially easy life so far (who has?) but I remember thinking many times that if there were something of a pre-existence (not something I have traditionally believed in) and I got to choose what kind of life I was going to enter into, I would have chosen it this way. I have also destroyed lives in this life. At times, the guilt for that is intense.

I’m not doing well at explaining the extent to which what you’ve said resonates with me. It strikes a chord in me on an intrinsic level and I can’t explain it. Understand that I am not sitting here using what you’ve said to feed some sort of need to feel like I am something great. I don’t know what to think of it all but it is a pretty humbling thing to read and meditate on.

I’ve thought about this all day and I’m sure I’ll be thinking about forever.

Deeply grateful, Laura G.

Dear Jeff:

Your help that came through your writings is profound and I still am assimilating them.

You are right that I have the associations from the past that I bring to the present situation. Just knowing that diffuses my conflicts.

What is helping in this present moment is, “allow yourself to flow with the experience. And pay attention to what you are actually doing, not necessarily what you are feeling.”

You have a great gift and I’m blessed that you shared it with me. Please know that the readings you gifted to me are being put to good use.

With much love and gratitude,

Katherine S.

Hi Jeff 🙂

*Shakes head in wonder *

Your very good at this – have never had anyone read me so clearly and pinpoint what I actually KNOW to be the real issues I face – so thank you. This really prompts me to address the situation rather than gloss over it.

Thank you so much Jeff 🙂 thanks for reminding me of what I need to do for myself. I gratefully and sincerely accept your help and I’m so appreciative.

I look forward to hearing back from you 🙂 when your able. Please help me map out a pathway to deal with this – the deeper questions I need to address to begin the healing – I am prepared to do the work 🙂 I just need some help because I don’t know where to begin

I hope this makes sense to you – the page itself and all the feedback is getting rather huge so I hope I’ve addressed your questions and prompts

Much love x

Linda D.

Hello Jeff, my wonderful soul family friend, you have been and are a wonderful spiritual mentor, for me you have changed my soul, you have got me out of my confusion and back on track, there are no words that can describe how grateful I am!!!

You are a great teacher and mentor, you have given me the tools I needed to move forwards in my soul journey, you have also supported me through these times with your love and guidance, I want to thank you for these great gifts of abundance

You are so wonderful, I can feel how much you care and it’s a beautiful feeling I must say I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and may Divine Creator send you many many blessings this year!

I want to send you an abundance of healing and love, all that my heart is able to give!

Love and light, Carmen D.

Wow Jeff after reading your messages it felt like a bulb just went off in my head, I finally GET IT!!! Oh this brought me JOY and made me shed a tear of happiness in my soul. Now I am much less confused and now feel as though I could do this.

That my BATTLE with GOOD and EVIL could finally end, I had done a lot of work on it but your messages are what I needed to help me with the last few steps in getting there You are truly an amazing soul Jeff, I love your soul Jeff!! For your soul is absolutely the most incredible and most loving of souls with an abundance of wisdom that I have ever encountered!!!

My beautiful soul friend, you are felt and seen in my perception as a TRULY MAGNIFICENT BEING!!! I feel today I just want to surround myself with this feeling of JOY you have given me, so I am going to do exactly that.

Love, Cynthia R.

Thank you so much Jeff, you are truly very generous and so great. It was a very detailed and well thought of reading, the best I have received so far. I am going to re-read it. Thank you so much. You are the best.

brightest blessings, Anna S.

Hi Jeff:

You are doing a great thing with this Healing workshop Jeff, I love it!!! Personally, I can tell you honestly, it’s incredibly knowledgeable and has very interesting subjects. Anyone that joins your workshops will be very blessed, IT IS AWESOME!!!

Sending you love and light my beautiful soul friend, you inspire me to do more, thank you for that, May the force be with you!!!

Sincerely, Lynn

Hello Jeff.

Where can I begin? Thank you so much for such an insightful reading. It arrived in my inbox at the right time as I was seeking guidance about my current fears on this new journey I am about to embark on. Sorry for not responding sooner it was a tough week and your reading resonated with me so much it was hard to put into words so quickly.

Everything you described from my energy and expectations and how to step into my true self rang true on every note. I have saved this reading because I find the more I read it and reflect on it, the more I understand what I need to do and the change in perspective I need to take to help me understand my new journey and self-better.

Thank you once again for this. If you ever need a reading (i do tarot mostly) feel free to send me a note.

Till then. Mandy Q.



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