Sacred Light Meditation Circle”

The first phase of focus will be on the community members, always focusing on new ways to nourish and support our members. The main focus will be on various subjects, i.e. “Heart chakra clearing, cellular consciousness perception, energizing the light body, consciousness projection, astral projection exercises, attuning to the Divine”, etc.

Another primary goal is to create a Powerful Group Meditation Group that will focus on many different issues. One of those issues will be the monthly energizing of a Banishing Ritual. That this ritual will focus on specific individuals or family members who have an issue with Dark Force entity attacks, whether these are of a human nature or energetic/dimensional nature.

Next, will be the focus on “Planetary Healing”. Banishing all the Dark Force energies that cause havoc and chaos.

The basic value of Meditation. (By Cosmic Awareness)

This Awareness wishes to inform members here in sacred light of Cosmic Awareness community of the basic process of daily meditation.

The Awareness indicates that when one is meditating, that the focus of attention must be narrowed and intensified.

This Awareness suggests that sacred light members try to feel the statement in whatever way is possible while simultaneously ignoring all distractions.

The repetition, verbally or mentally, is important because it activates biological patterns and reflects those energetic patterns back into the auric energies.

When the exercise is complete, do not dwell upon it. Place it outside your mind. And go about your day.

That inner channels must become repatterned, therefore it will take a degree of time before one’s ritual becomes manifest.


This Awareness suggests that one of the most valuable or effective forms of meditation is wherein one focuses his or her attitude on Divine Love and Oneness.