Spiritual Growth Reading:

This reading provides the client with a detailed overview of one’s current spiritual development and status by first focusing on the client’s human level of challenges and then moving into the higher levels of the client’s spiritual movement and learning lessons, their dimensional levels, their foundational beliefs that limit them, offering the client clear, simple & practical suggestions on how to alter or remove obstacles in your pathway and to heal and harmonize your life.

Non-members $750.00      Members $350.00

Galactic Heritage Reading:

This reading has great value in that it provides a look into the client’s galactic history, identifying a minimum of 3 past lives, identifying the client’s vibrational status, i.e. 4th, 5th or 6th. density, home planet, purpose and role that they played while living on that star as it pinpoints specific attributes that make up your soul blueprint.

It can offer the client a clear and comprehensible overview perspective on their learning lesson, their soul lesson. Which can create greater understanding and resolve in one’s present lifetime. Therefore, this reading helps one to remember the true nature of our being as we experience the oneness of life in all of its manifestations.

Non-members $800.00      Members $400.00

Soul / Life Purpose Reading:

This is a favorite for many light-workers as it offers the student clarity on why certain things happen unknowingly. This reading focuses strongly on the student’s present life lesson / soul mission and offers an overview with detailed specifics on how to alter, change or resolve one’s blockages or limitations.

Non-Members $750.00      Members $350.00

Past Life Reading:

This reading provides a minimum of 3 past lives here on planet Earth, identifying the roles and purpose of those prior lives and offers the client a clear and effective pathway for even greater personal growth and improvement.

This type of reading can create powerful healing movement and provide a transformational means of stepping into your spiritual focus and release anything from your past lives that no longer serves you.

Non-Members $650.00      Members $300.00

Relationships Reading:

This reading focuses on the mechanics and dynamics of the student’s human level of interaction in relationships. Although, an added spiritual overview perspective of your relationship will also be offered at the completion of the interpretation.

The value of this reading focuses on identifying the key issues and source of those issues. It offers the client detailed understanding on the “why and the how”.  And then it offers simple and effective methods for resolving those issues.

Non-Members $650.00      Members $300.00

“Cosmic Awareness Single Question Reading”

This reading is designed for those individuals who have a single question.

Your “Cosmic Awareness Single Question Reading” can be about any situation in your life, or past life, or about any health issue, or the dynamics within a relationship or you may be looking for greater clarification about your current spiritual pathway.

It is suggested that you energize your question with the vibration of love and gratitude, and that you are open and accepting of the truths that are offered by Divine Spirit.

For Non-members $300.00     Members $70.00

Cosmic Awareness Reading:

All readings take approx. 2 – 3 hrs. to complete. When sending in your request for the Cosmic Awareness single question reading, you may ask additional questions (up to three), related to your original question. Completed readings are e-mailed to the client often within 2-5 weeks. Or longer, depending on the work load.

Private Reading Guidelines:

Always ask questions. Never blindly accept what is spoken or written by others without questioning. Go within oneself to find the validation, and the confirmation from within to anything this Interpreter might say or any other channel or medium might say.

The most common mistake is simply believing someone who is outside oneself and accepting their truth or perception of things. And this is a valuable learning lesson that needs to be comprehended as each individual begins to develop and build their own inner trust and intuition, their own sensing and recognizing of the truth.

The Interpreter will only offer indications, suggestions or directions that lead to even greater examinations and self-discovery. Therefore, each individual must question all information presented and feel that information from deep within their own highest essence of self.

Benefits:   The nature of spiritual information and insight is that it balances and sets into perspective the events and situations that are being examined.


“My Personal Method Of Interpretation”

The method that I use is to simply relax, focus and concentrate, and then move into the level of focus where readings are interpreted with as little distortion as possible. This is where I place my attention / focus into a state of consciousness free from polarity, judgment and any opinions about anything being examined. Moving into a state of focus where I am observing, rather than participating.

It is a state of focus where all distractions, all ego, all inner mental and emotional focuses of self are detached from, creating a movement into higher densities and consciousness. It is a focus of moving into one’s own higher self and this focus simply continues into higher and higher levels of vibration until Creator Itself takes over, leaving me in a type of other personal space or vibration. This is where one literally becomes a vessel or voice for the Divine, that Divine Force that permeates all of reality.

And, when that level of Ultimate or Universal Frequency is attuned with, then there is that funneling or channeling of what could be called, the Ultimate Frequency, that of the Divine Creator, that of Cosmic Awareness. This is where all emotions, all intellect and all ego are removed. And this is where one reaches the highest and best frequencies, that being, the Cosmic or Sacred levels of consciousness.

“In each and every moment, you are either Appreciating or Opposing”

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