The following is a list of potential classes; workshops & courses in progress:


1. Psychic Power Development Workshop: 



2.  Reclaim power #2:



3. Spiritual Development & Soul Families:



4.  Mastering Meditation:



5.  Mastering Emotional Security:



6.  Forgiveness: From a spiritual perspective:



7.  Managing & Removing Fear:



8.  Soul Mates & Twin Souls:  



9. The Nature of Sympathetic / Ceremonial / Ritual Magic: (Learning the mechanics & application of High Magic).



10. Belief Systems:  Confidence & Healing One’s Self-Worth:  (Developing, building & managing your inner strength & confidence.)



11.  Yoga Lessons For Developing Spiritual Consciousness:



12.  Mastering channeling of the Divine Consciousness:  









If you feel a strong attraction to any of these courses then please send a personal message to the owner Jeff, stating your most favorite course to least favorite course, in order of most favorite on top and least favorite towards the bottom of the page.


Thank you for your sincere and valued input!


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