Monthly Healing Requests:

The 3rd Monday of each month is known as Healing Monday. Members are asked to take 15 to 30 minutes during that day to send love and healing energy to the Healing Temple at Sacred Light Community.

Anyone needing a healing may send a donation, whatever they feel is appropriate, to the Healing Temple and a letter of intent. The letter is placed in the Healing Temple.

Then on Healing Monday, all the requests are meditated upon, sending this group energy / suggestion into the highest and best frequencies of Divine Creator.

Next, each member will focus on connecting with Cosmic Awareness as the names are read aloud. Each member then allows the highest and best frequencies of the Divine to flow through them as they accept their healing.

Finally, a grounding of the healing is suggested. Bowing three time or chanting the word Amen or clapping one’s hands three times or any other form of personal grounding that the student chooses.



(A personal message from Cosmic Awareness)



This Awareness indicates that the intensity and the depth of the healing depends upon the Law of Gratitude: wherein you feel you deserve to be healed, to that extent you are healed.



Your action of opening up yourself to the feeling that you really deserve to be healed is likened unto opening, the door for this Awareness to enter.



This Awareness indicates that wherein you truly wish to be healed, you must be open and receptive.