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Sacred Light of Cosmic Awareness Community is opening its doors soon. And as a gesture of love & support, we are making certain recent messages from Awareness available to the public for free.

The Great Battle of the Light Forces and the Dark Forces and the movement into the transformative year of 2020. Are the Dark Forces being absorbed by the Light? Is humanity now ready to take a quantum leap forward? The first layer of consciousness being created now.

This Awareness indicates that as of this year of 2020, there appears to be greater movement into separation and the splitting of the planet, that of planet A/B, whereby a greater separation of the Light and the Dark appear to be reaching a conclusion around the time of November of 2020.

That as this present timeframe continues, there will be a ramping up of the energies and intensities and frequencies. That those entities who move towards the pathway of love, that of the light, will be those who are capable of absorbing the light, accepting those higher frequencies of love and joy and pure bliss, whereas those who are now rejecting those higher frequencies of light and love are those who will be disconnecting from the higher, more evolved planet, the planet that is moving into higher consciousness, higher frequencies.

This Awareness indicates that the Dark Forces, those of the negative and self-serving entities, those who need to dominate others, are accelerating towards that final conclusion of November of 2020. This Awareness indicates that this pathway appears as a total and complete failure, whereby those who follow the Dark Path are those who desire total and complete domination and control over the rest of humanity, thus it is observed that these Dark Ones will not succeed in their sinister machinations to take over the Presidency of America.

That these service to self entities, those of the Dark Forces do appear to be in a state of pure panic and intense desperation. That they do not appear to be aware of this fact and refuse to acknowledge their ever-increasing potential outcome for failure. That much of this is due to a single-minded and self-absorbed attitude mixed with some lower and higher levels of dementia, which many of these dark entities do experience, which is why so much chaos and killings have taken place in the last few years.

This Awareness indicates this dimensional reality shift that is occurring not only expresses into the higher frequencies but also the lower frequencies of consciousness creating entirely new parallel dimensions of reality, new parallel universes of reality, both existing at different levels of consciousness, that of the higher, more refined frequencies and those of the lower, more unevolved frequencies. This Awareness indicates that the collective consciousness of humanity is now ready to take a giant leap in consciousness, to make a quantum leap forward at this time. It is simply a matter of one’s personal focus of attention and preference of what each entity wishes to experience and is ready to experience.

This Awareness indicates that part of this process that is now occurring is that which is seen as a greater awareness and greater connection to that which is known as ALL THAT IS, that of the Divine Creator, as entities move deeper and deeper into novel layers of consciousness. Hence, as these changes occur, whether quickly or slowly, know that your own particular soul is also part of this mass transition. That you have come to this physical plane of reality, this particular planet and its’ species for development of the self.

That many entities are being prompted to look within at this time and resolve their dark self or shadow self, thus removing those negative attachments that limit one’s progress. That this transformative event may be considered similar to that which has been called the Big Bang of evolution, whereby entities are now becoming self-aware and are beginning to project their consciousness into different levels of consciousness and awareness.

Thus, like the Big Bang, this is a moment in time likened unto the God Essence that emerged from the great Void and wondered about Itself and then reflected upon Itself and in that moment, became self-aware. This being likened unto the first layer of consciousness ever created. That humanity also is now reflecting upon itself, experiencing a new layer of consciousness indeed. A new level of collective and individual conscious awareness as the splitting and separating of consciousness continues to expand.

That like Creator, humanity is now questioning its own awareness and purpose in reality and direction upon which it will move towards. That this is what entities are experiencing at this time and continuing into the rest of this year of 2020. Therefore, this Awareness suggests entities practice daily grounding exercises and meditation upon inner calming and grounding to the planet itself and one’s own soul construct.

That the taking care of one’s health is paramount at this time, hence this Awareness suggests that one and all ingest copious amounts of fresh water daily. That what is of greatest importance is that of one’s intent and imagery, whereby one is focused upon the highest and best of each and every moment and situation.

That this as that which is perceived by this Awareness as the most probable timeline being manifested, presently.

This is now complete.

Reality, Illusion & The Galactic Vacuum Cleaner. Experiencing energetic toxins. A spiritual adjustment is taking place upon this plane of reality.

This Awareness asks one and all, “What is illusion and what is reality”? Is one’s fantasy life reality? Is one’s imagination reality? Is one’s personal perception a reality? That these can be challenging questions for many. This Awareness indicates that labels are unimportant. That what is important is that entities realize that they have chosen this particular timeline, this particular physical reality, in order to expand their knowledge, understanding, spiritual awareness and growth.

That this present timeline is on a collision course with that which is known as the higher divine frequencies. That these frequencies are in fact the frequencies of cosmic consciousness, that which is known as the divine light or divine consciousness. This Awareness indicates there is that which is known as the photon belt, which is a type of galactic vacuum cleaner which enters into galaxies and solar systems, into the planets and entities themselves, altering those forces and transforming all that it touches.

That these galactic vacuum cleaners have been passing through this and other galaxies for more than a millennium. That these frequencies have begun expressing into this physical plane of reality for a number of years now. This Awareness indicates there is now occurring what one could call a merging of realities, of frequencies. That many entities at this time are internally healing and have been emptying out their subconsciousness of much of their fears, personal demons and illusions that have kept them restricted and blind for multiple years and are presently waking up to the possibility that they can choose to change those individual illusions and other mental restrictions and expand their awareness, understanding and movement.

This Awareness indicates that presently there is that which is seen as a merging of realities. This being seen in gradations. That this merging of realities is simply a blending of frequencies and octaves of consciousness. Whereby, those higher frequencies have the effect of assisting entities in moving into those hidden, those subconscious realms of perception. That many entities have recently begun to question and investigate their past histories or past behaviors in an attempt to perceive what is possibly holding them back from that forward movement into greater success, greater fulfillment and greater awareness.

This Awareness indicates this present merging of realities as having a profound effect on entities who are ready to face their individual demons and inner challenges. That it is seen that there are many entities who are awakening to this profound change and are making the necessary adaptions and movements in order to more comfortably accept those higher frequencies. That this is seen as a time of internal cleansing for the masses. Whereby this inner cleansing is partly an individual expression, while simultaneously, there is also seen a collective cleansing being expressed.

This Awareness indicates that in this individual and collective process, there is that which can be called energetic poisons, mental poisons and astral poisons that are being expressed, simultaneously. That in this merging of realities and merging of individual mental poisons, there is that which can be called the catharsis of effect. That experiencing mass energetic poisons on a daily basis can and does have its effect. That many entities at this time are experiencing what could be called a catharsis. Wherein entities are feeling a type of emotional exhaustion or draining effect. That many are experiencing deep, latent emotions and feelings of a challenging nature.

This Awareness suggests this is normal and acceptable, whereby if entities wish to soften the blow of this intensity of higher frequencies, that the quickest pathway to comfort and inner stability is to simply accept one’s power to remove those troubling and conflicting challenges and to understand that each and every entity is a part of the whole, a part of the universal one creator, the divine creator, that of universal consciousness. That entities do not have to fight or continue along the same pathway of pain and suffering any longer. That all entities may now release their pain, release their fears, release their inner torment and suffering.

That this is a time of great potential for internal transformation and change. That the lower self, that of the subconscious self is now opening and preparing entities for greater internal release and processing. This Awareness indicates there are many entities who have grown up through the years while simultaneously continuing their childhood turmoil and fears and inner traumas. That this has created a type of energetic pool of consciousness that is seething and bubbling with its own energetic nature. This Awareness indicates that presently this is a time of great transformation and release and healing for many.

That many entities have just awakened to this fact and some entities have awakened to even greater degrees of awareness, yet there are many others who are still under water, unable to clearly perceive their pathway out of their illusions that they have created. That these higher frequencies are what is expanding and intensifying all those individual and collective frustrations and fears and conflicts presently being activated. That many are experiencing such intense internal cleansing that some are perceiving this as a type of bliss or elated bliss or what could be called a divine intervention of massive realization and release.

Some entities are experiencing this transformation in the form of physical pain or internal pain, while others are experiencing this shift of consciousness as a type of birthing of a new self. That this mass cleansing is in fact a type of galactic cleansing, whereby entire planets and solar systems are being transformed and cleansed and balanced and harmonized. This Awareness indicates as this higher frequency continues to express into your reality and the amplitude of energies and higher octaves increases, one may find that inner balance and harmony by learning how to adapt to these higher frequencies, whereby entities may wish to practice daily meditation, focusing on stilling the mind and visualizing a type of temple.

That this temple is a place of healing and peace. This Awareness suggests entities may choose to instill this temple with love, with peace and with a protective light that soothes and comforts. This Awareness indicates that this merging of higher frequencies and lower, more dense frequencies may be perceived as a type of galactic cleansing, whereby entities may receive their just rewards from not just this lifetime of suffering but also the karmic path of suffering, whereby entities may now resolve and release permanently those karmic lessons that have remained hidden from them for eons of time.

This Awareness indicates that this as a time of great internal transformation and movement into a higher, more blissful, more expansive reality, wherein entities are beginning to realize their purpose and realize that they are the masters of their destiny, rather than some type of pawn in a game of illusion and control, whereby only the “Powers That Be” are leading the masses. This Awareness states that self-realization is what creates the pain or the bliss. That entities may mediate daily on the following sentence for internal balance and stability, which is, “I am the Light, The Light I am”. That this can have a beneficial effect upon those who practice this with genuine intent.

This Awareness is now complete.

The Nature Of Channeling:  Gradations. Fluctuations & Absolutes.

This Awareness indicates that each and every entity when entering into physicality does so for the purpose of advancement towards awareness of being fully conscious of the oneness with the universal forces. That the soul consists of two basic states of consciousness, that being the spirit and the soul, the spirit being the aspect which holds the knowing of its identification with Creator and that of the soul which holds the knowledge of everything it experiences. This Awareness indicates that when one becomes self-aware and begins to question one’s reality, one’s purpose in life, that then there is that movement back towards the source, back towards that universal oneness of reality.

This Awareness suggests when entities begin to move back to that source, there is a basic gathering of information, often through the self, wherein entities will begin to attempt certain methods in order to attain a stronger awareness and connection with that divine source. That many entities when attempting to learn channeling will begin that pathway without proper understanding. That many entities who desire to follow the path of channeling do so without a clear understanding of the mechanics of channeling and therefore will experience bumps or holes in the road of learning.

That many who claim to channel incarnated spirits, ascended masters and famous past life entities of ancient times are in fact channeling their own subconscious mind and imagination. That approximately 85% of those who claim to be having conversations with aliens from other planets, are in fact expressing and interpreting their own ego, their own imagination. This Awareness indicates that many of those false prophets also claim that there is only one way to channel, whereby they claim that only they have the power to create such connection to the Divine Creator wherein their ability is derived straight from God and therefore, they are special or superior to others.

This Awareness indicates that also, many who claim to be channeling valid entities from other dimensions, will suggest that because of their unique ability, that they are some type of god themselves. This Awareness indicates that this as erroneous. That many in fact, are simply expressing their own layers of their unconscious self, unaware that they are lost in their own projections. This Awareness indicates there are some entities who suggest that channeling is an absolute experience, wherein there is only one primary level of channeling whereupon connections with other dimensional entities exists. This Awareness wishes to clarify this misperception of those making such claims, whereby this Awareness suggests that all consciousness is composed of energy, pure energy, that this energy is aware or aware-ized energy.

That this infinite energy is neutral. That there is no absolute level of channeling wherein entities practicing channeling will ultimately attain. This Awareness indicates that consciousness can be more accurately defined as that which may be expressed as gradation. Wherein, there are gradations of consciousness, that of infinite levels and frequencies and octaves. That all consciousness is in a state of fluctuation, nuance and change. Therefore, those entities claiming to be experts in channeling and attempt to discount others and claim there is only one primary state of channeling are simply misperceiving reality or their own understanding of reality and consciousness.

This Awareness indicates in general, the reason for this misunderstanding is based upon a lack of understanding of the basic foundation of how things manifest and the rudimentary aspects of creation. That many, in general, perceive reality in absolute terms, thus they come from a place of confusion, misperception and inaccuracy. There are many entities on your planet who not only claim to be masters of channeling but also, who berate or devalue others in their channeling experience. This Awareness wishes to inform entities reading this message here in sacred light community that much of the confusion regarding channeling is derived from not only individual misperceptions but also from one’s own ego.

That entities will often make the mistake of thinking they are channeling some disincarnated soul or other such entity, wherein fact, they are simply expressing their own projections, their own ego, their own sense of self-importance. That when this occurs, there is always some degree of doubt in those expressing such channeled materiel.

This is now complete.

The acceleration of the light. The challenge of the lightworkers. The splitting of the dimensions and the process of forgetting. The importance of energizing the light within. The frame of reference and those self-important masters who proclaim to channel and/or interpret 100% accuracy. And more secrets of the Sasquatch people and their general guideline for accepting relationships.

This Awareness indicates that as of the last few decades, there has been that which can be called, an acceleration of energies, whereby the very nature of frequency and vibration has been altered or expanded. That this acceleration of frequencies and vibrations is one of an ever-increasing nature. Wherein lightworkers are now learning to adapt and adjust to these higher frequencies of light. That the best method of adapting to these accelerated frequencies appears as simply staying alive and energizing one’s own particular vibrational patterns. Whereby one simply sits and relaxes and focuses his or her own attention upon one’s own soul essence, one’s own inner light and in that energizing of one’s light, one may begin to realize that in fact, they are a type of conduit or bridge for that which is known as the higher light, the cosmic light.

This Awareness indicates this splitting apart of reality, that of the lower dimensions and the higher dimensions, does appear to have its benefits and its challenges, whereby those who are strongly focused upon self-gratification, ego dominated goals and a sense of separation from others, will find their life slowly but certainly losing a sense of solidity or structure or foundational balance. Whereas those who are highly focused upon that of helping others, unity and the focus upon returning to the Divine, are those who will reap the rewards of such a mindset. That as these two distinct timelines, that of the path of light and that of the path of darkness, continue to detach and separate from each other, there will be that which is seen as a period of chaos followed by a period of calm and peace and adjustment.

Whereby, those of a more separative pathway, those who follow the path of ego, of self-serving gratifications, are those seen as being lost or confused in their daily focus. Whereas, those who follow the unity pathway, those who seek love, those who seek to service others and that of spreading the Light to all others, are those who are seeking the return to the Creator, that of pure bliss, pure love and pure joy of the highest and best. This Awareness indicates that as these lower, more self-serving entities move through this energy wave, that known as the photon belt are those who will begin to slowly vanish from sight of those who follow that path known as the path of light, that known as unity or oneness. That those who do follow such a path will most likely disappear from the perceptions of those following the light.

Wherein soon, entities will simply forget those entities who screamed and yelled and expressed such intense chaos and insanity. They will simply be forgotten in the minds and memories of those who follow the light. That this as a time whereby miracles will become commonplace. That this as a time whereby entities will become more and more aware of their basic nature of manifesting and one’s own consciousness construct and the basic nature of energy or consciousness, for example, there are many so-called professional psychics and intuitive readers who make great claims of falsehood and self-deception in order to promote their business and self. That these self-important or ego dominated entities will make incredible claims of accuracy, of clarity or some other aspect of their skills or abilities, often claiming to be of an accuracy level of 97-100%.

Whereby these entities will proclaim to be special and gifted and of a family generational cycle wherein only the best or highest quality of psychics have dwelled, in their particular group or lineage. This Awareness now states for the record, that the true nature of accuracy in channeling imagery and psychic energies is that of approximately 80-85% in general. This being a general gauge for members to utilize when interpreting energies, images and psychic projections. Hence, those so called self-promoters and self-important seekers of the self are those who appear to be the ones most notable in this pattern of fallacy or erroneous thinking whereby the Interpreter himself has met with many of these self-important, ego dominant entities who have tried to prove to him how great and important they were.

That one entity in particular, a female, self-proclaimed expert who upon meeting with the Interpreter, almost immediately became mentally confused and emotionally conflicted when first interacting with the Interpreter, as this female entity, that of the self-proclaimed, egotistical nature was completely overwhelmed with the energies emanating from the Interpreter’s own consciousness, as this entity had never met such an individual who had evolved to such a level and in this self-recognition of higher frequencies and energies, she was simply not capable of adjusting or attuning to these energies of such a high vibrational nature, such a depth. Therefore, her ego became frustrated and realized that she was not even close to where she thought she was, in her gauging of spiritual evolution and ego expansion.

That she was not the great and amazing oracle that she had always projected onto herself as a little girl. That she was, in fact, lost in her own mindscape and that she now could see a tunnel into the light, a way out of the darkness that she had energized all of her life, unknowingly. That this is a common expression, indeed. That most humans express this need for mind games, that of the ego and its’ natural expressions. Thus, it is suggested by this Awareness that all entities express prudence and caution when first entering into new relationships, especially with those who proclaim to be amazing or great or incredible in their descriptions of self or the focus upon self and one’s abilities or skills.

That entities need to trust in the nature of self while simultaneously expressing discernment, as there are many out there who will enter into such relationships with the intent to ‘take’ without returning anything of value. That there is a race or species of being that dwells within the fabric of consciousness approximately one or two vibrational frequencies from your own reality, this known as a parallel reality. Wherein lies a race of beings who you call Sasquatch. Whereby these nature beings, those of a higher, more spiritual nature, are the ones this Awareness is now referring to, wherein this particular species has a motto, which is seen as, “One who comes bearing gifts is one who is worthy of our friendship”.

That this motto may be slightly off in its basic origin or wording but this Awareness indicates it is correct, in a general sense. Whereby these nature beings understand that if one is entering into a relationship, agreement and friendship, that when one comes bearing gifts or other forms of kindness, that this as a clear sign of spiritual advancement. This Awareness indicates that in general, any entity who performs psychic interpretations is only capable of an accuracy rating of 80-85%, except in the case wherein an entity is attempting to interpret a specific item, aspect and issue and also has a degree of individual expertise in the same area. That in general, the interpretation of energies relating to a general theme, individual and issue may be seen as a maximum of 80-85% accuracy level.

That the primary reason behind this base structure and system is that known as the eternal concept, wherein energy may be thought of as a type of malleable play doe, wherein entities can mold and create any object, any desire and in that molding of energies, there is an infinite creative expression and as one takes and molds this energy, this hypothetical play doe and manifests whatever object or thing they wish to create. Whereby, as they take from this infinite play doe box, there is always one portion of this play doe, this infinite consciousness left behind, that this portion left behind is what future creations will come from, therefore it is an eternal and infinite flowing of consciousness or infinite blob of play doe that can be used over and over and over again, in as many infinite nuances as possible.

Hence, when an entity of your species proclaims such a statement whereby, they suggest they are the all-powerful and all-knowing and all-seeing master of the universe, that this is simply seen as a game of the mind, an ego projection that has run amok. This Awareness indicates there are many entities dwelling upon your planet who believe they are greater or better than others. That this appears to be a commonplace theme upon your planet and its’ species.

This Awareness is now complete.

Confusing Vulnerability with Sexual Games of Ego Dominance: Understanding the essence of the master & slave mentality in sexual relationships. The fear of being vulnerable to love. How to create a harmonious and beneficial sexual relationship.

“My question is about my sex experiences and how I can make these more balanced. During my normal sex play experience I will have my boyfriend tie me up and sensually begin to tease me and slowly bring me to the edge of orgasm.

He is my master and I play the role of sex starved slave who can never get enough and wants only to please her master. But what I want to ask Awareness is does this role playing energize my ego and/or cause me to regress in my relationships”???

This Awareness indicates there are those entities who enjoy being vulnerable and take great pleasure in the playing of certain games, certain sexual games. That this desire for vulnerability can sometimes cause entities to become lost in those inner games of the mind, wherein they become lost and confused. That many entities indeed feel the need for vulnerability, however they often confuse a state of healthy vulnerability with that which is known as the sadomasochistic relationship, thus creating an even greater sense of confusion and of being lost in one’s own projections.

That this type of relationship, that of the sadomasochistic relationship is one whereby entities become so fearful of being vulnerable that they fall into a state of self-mesmerism, wherein they will play those games of the flesh, those games wherein entities give up their power to the other, their mate, their lover. This Awareness indicates that if this type of relationship does occur, wherein entities play such a game of master and slave, whereby each entity closes his or her heart and simply plays a role wherein one is offering one’s power and control and the other entity is accepting such gifts, then this Awareness askes one and all how can one genuinely experience the joy and compassion and bliss of intimate sexual sharing?

That the true sexual relationship is wherein one entity offers his or her heart in an open and trusting manner, wherein they mutually love and respect each other and are filled with the desire to share their deepest feelings and heart-felt expressions with that other. That this is a relationship based upon equal giving and equal reward, respect, admiration and appreciation, rather than a relationship based upon violating entities while gaining power over the other and energizing suffering, pain and separation. This Awareness indicates therefore, it is highly valuable for entities to discern exactly what their sexual preferences are and why they have such desires or preferences.

That often, entities will create a sexual scenario with their mate in order to examine or evaluate certain unconscious beliefs they have hidden from themselves. For example, a female entity may choose to experience a life of sexual control that mirrors her own subconscious beliefs regarding her fear of power or fear of misusing that power, hence she will take on the role of sex slave in order to gain a clearer understanding of such deep-seated unconscious fears and how these fears express into the entity’s waking conscious reality.

This is complete.

GHOST HUNTING 101: The biggest secret that nobody seems to understand.

“Every time I watch the “Ghost adventures” program with Zak Baggins or some other ghost tv series I see the ghost hunters always referring to the ghost as a spirit and they always attempt to talk to the ghosts as if they are some type of neighbor or friend. But what I want to know is if ghosts are really spirits that are trapped on earth or stuck in some type of endless loop”?

Please ask Awareness to comment on this question since I have been pondering this for a very long time.

This Awareness indicates there is that which entities call ghosts and there is that which entities call spirits, wherein these labels are seen as describing two different aspects of the human soul. That many self-important entities have been and are presently making a name for themselves whereby they are seen as investigating certain regions, certain venues and domiciles wherein these astral shells haunt. That this undertaking, that of the ghost hunter or ghost investigator, in general, has one primary purpose, that of being famous. Herein lies the problem.

That any entity who claims to be only investigating these hauntings and ghost related situations out of curiosity, are in general, seeking fame and egotistical accolades. This Awareness indicates that there is much that entities who go down that path of ghost hunting are misperceiving and misinterpreting, for example, there is that which is called the ghost attachment. That this is seen as a type of energetic attachment that ghost hunters experience when entering into such highly charged and chaotic environments.

This Awareness has expressed in the past, the dangers of these cast-off energies and the vulnerability that is common when entities attempt to energetically connect with these astral shells, that which is known as ghosts. This Awareness indicates that if one was to investigate and research those entities who claim to be expert ghost hunters, for example, the group that the questioner has inquired, those who work with certain television programs, that which is known as the ghost adventures group. That there is much in regards to the strange happenings and events that these entities have experienced since such investigations have occurred.

That the primary star of this group has expressed in the past, the dangers and personal problems that have been experienced since entering into such dangerous environments. That the entity, the one known as ‘Zak Baggins’ in particular, has had many attachments and health issues and problems since entering into these haunted environments, even having to wear a protective mask so that certain air born particles do not exasperate his present health issues, which were directly caused by the interaction with those negative environments. This Awareness indicates there are many entities who walk into dangerous regions and areas with little or no awareness of the dangers that lie ahead for them.

That hundreds of entities go missing every day in America alone. That some entities seek curios answers regarding the ghost phenomena and how things work or why these ghosts remain on the planet instead of moving on to greater experiences. That there are many of your species who wish to make a name for themselves by doing what most will not do, for example, walking into a supposed haunted house in order for their friends to lavish them with praise and bow down to their obvious superior mentality and fearlessness. That these are the most foolish of all.

This Awareness indicates any entity seeking praise or any other form of egotistical fluffing by attempting to interact with something that is not only completely misunderstood but also extremely dangerous to such an entity, that this is simply seen as foolishness on the part of the entity. This Awareness indicates that a valid reason for attempting to contact these ghosts would be in the action of curiosity towards the belief in life after death and whether or not such an experience is truly authentic or not. Hence, this is why so many new ghost hunter programs are seen blossoming on television and other media outlets and formats. Is there truly life after death?

This Awareness indicates that there does not appear to be any actual televised entities who are adept and aware of these astral shells and how they work and survive, yet many proclaim to be of an expertise level of experience when inquiring as to the past history of these so-called ghost hunters. That there are a few who have described certain aspects of ghosts and other dimensional beings with accuracy. That most of these entities claiming to be of that expertise level have stumbled upon this Awareness, Its’ information and Its’ interpreters.

That most entities who claim to be of an expertise ghost status are in fact, receiving information from other human entities who also have no clue as to the essence or normal workings of these astral shells or ghosts. That there does not appear to be many humans presently dwelling upon this planet who teach the authentic facts regarding ghosts and their essence, other than the present Interpreter and other interpreters of this Awareness. That one of the primary beliefs that entities harbor regarding ghosts is that they are the soul or spirit of the human who has passed on.

Whereby these so-called ghost hunters are seen talking with these astral shells and attempting to provoke a response. That these ghost investigators believe they are speaking to an entity who is still in the same mindset and attitude as when they were dwelling upon the planet. That this is the primary belief of those entities claiming to be a ghost hunter or other cryptid hunter. Whereby this Awareness indicates that this is seen as simply a misinterpretation or misunderstanding of those known as ghosts. That in reality, this Awareness indicates that the soul, the essence of the entity passing on is seen as simply a releasing of certain energies that were once present in that entity’s physical lifetime.

This Awareness indicates that most entities think that they know exactly how to interact with these astral shells but in fact, these astral shells in mentality, are likened unto a human five-year-old child. That in fact, there is no soul remaining in these ghosts. That these astral shells are better described as ‘cast-off’ energies. That the essence of the so-called ghost, is actually a shell of the human who has passed on and discarded a layer of consciousness behind on earth. That this astral shell is a type of repeating memory, an accumulation of addictions and habits that the shell is still attempting to regain.

This Awareness indicates that this is the secret behind those supposed lost souls seeking answers. That if one crosses paths with one of these astral shells, that one is literally interacting with an accumulation of addictive energy patterns that have been left behind as the soul of that entity moves on into higher frequencies and dimensions of reality. Hence, ghosts are not lost souls or spirits attempting to find their way home nor are they seen as curious unseen beings looking for genuine friendship. They are layers of consciousness that have been cast off, that no longer are needed as the entity moves into higher frequencies.

This Awareness suggests that if entities wish to learn more about these astral shells and how they work and how to remove such energies, that this would be of benefit.

This Awareness is now complete in Its’ message.

“My normal method of healing is where I channel healing energies to my client by the laying on of hands. Could Awareness please offer me the best attitude or focus of my attention, so I can be of the highest quality while I am in that state of mind and projecting healing energies?” The dangers of Mediumship. And is a Medium the same as an Awareness Interpreter?

This Awareness is now available for comment.

This Awareness indicates that when engaging this level of consciousness, wherein one is focusing on the healing of another, that it must be for the love of the person. This Awareness indicates that entities beginning in this action will tend to become self-conscious and observe themselves attempting to heal and will often tend to evaluate their goal and outcome.

This Awareness indicates that this will be a natural experience at the beginning stages of this type of healing, whereby entities become somewhat self-absorbed in their actions of attempting to heal others. This Awareness indicates however, as entities persist and continue in this action, they will eventually move beyond the self-evaluation and self-concern and allow themselves to open up to higher energies and to simply love the entity who is needing the healing and allow themselves to become channels for that healing.

This Awareness suggests when these entities become capable of loving and allowing and attributing the healing to higher forces rather than taking credit for themselves, they then become greater healers. This Awareness indicates as soon as entities seek to take credit for the healing, the degree of effectiveness diminishes rapidly. This Awareness suggests that entities identify with the higher forces and forget themselves. That they identify with the higher forces and energies of the divine, moving into the client and that they think not of themselves at all during this process.

This Awareness suggests that it is best not even to concern yourself with whether or not you are open enough to these higher energies, but simply to visualize the higher vibratory forces, the Divine Love energies, entering the entity who is in need of healing. This Awareness suggests that you allow your physical body and hands to reach into this energy field, touching that energy field which is passing from those higher realms into the physical body of the entity being healed. That you can do this without considering yourself to be the agent healing, but rather, you can consider yourself as a witness to that healing. This Awareness indicates this as a matter of attitude, a matter of placing your consciousness in the most effective attitude to allow those forces to move through you and into that damaged entity.

This Awareness indicates that in reality, the forces of higher vibrational healing move through you and into that entity yet, for your own effectiveness it is best for you to consider yourself not to be the primary focus of the healing, but to be a witness to this healing which is occurring in your presence. This Awareness indicates that in understanding the action of Mediumship, entities must first understand the mechanics and differences in, for example, channeling this Awareness or offering oneself to a disincarnated being who may or may not have your best interests at hand. This Awareness indicates that an interpreter, such as an interpreter for this Awareness, an interpreter that channels the universal frequencies, must attune with universal consciousness, whereby there is no spirit or entity possessing or speaking through the interpreter.

That the Interpreter is attuning to universal frequencies of divine consciousness and is impressed with images, feelings, energies and symbols, which are then received by the Interpreter who then interprets those symbols, images and energies which are in connection with the question being presented, at that time. This Awareness indicates that the action of mediumship, in general, involves allowing self to be open to lower level spirits or entities which can have a dangerous effect on the entity being possessed. Whereby the entity providing the body for the spirit to speak through, that this action of possession will often lead to a breakdown of the entity’s mental forces or insanity or death of the Medium.

That this action of Mediumship is one wherein the entity performing such an act receives no benefit nor value, except the possibly of an ego rush and sense of self-importance for performing such an action that most entities would sagaciously avoid. That in general, those entities who provide Mediumship are seeking self-importance, business promotion and other ego gratifications to display to their peers who give them praise and other forms of ego gratification. This Awareness suggests that Mediumship can be quite dangerous to the entity performing such an act. And can have adverse effects on those entities listening to those messages of the Medium.

That entities who observe or listen intently to those messages from those lower, more unevolved disincarnated beings can easily be distracted from their own individual spiritual growth pathways and move into a dark pathway without them even being aware of such actions. That many of those lower spirits that speak through a Medium are those which this Awareness would call impostors, energy thieves and astral shells that are seeking to relive their human addictions, once again, through the taking over of the Medium’s body and mind.

Hence, this Awareness indicates that the action of Mediumship should indeed be avoided or at least seen for what it truly is and how there is no benefit for such action, other than the ego gratification of one being perceived as “Great or powerful or famous” thus, an ego gratification.

This Awareness is now complete.

Those mysterious trumpet sounds that have been reported around the world since 2011 and seem to be still happening?  The planet’s release of toxic vibrations. And more on those floating cities in the sky. Acceptance of self and the movement into higher frequencies of light and love.

This Awareness indicates that there is that which is known as the 2012-2013 reality shift. That this mass event which recently manifested in your reality is not a random event. That your particular planet has experienced this photon wave numerous times in the past, as this galactic phenomenon is likened unto a type of galactic vacuum cleaner. Hence, this Awareness observes that what has taken place is literally the separation of realities, whereby the present reality that entities are dwelling upon is not the same reality that one has originally entered into and that this planetary event, those trumpeting sounds being heard across your planet, appears to be directly related to this photon shift.

That it is seen as realities begin to split into halves, into other realities, that in this process of translation of energies, of frequencies, that there is what could be called, a splitting apart of reality. Therefore, as those frequencies begin to shift and rip apart, there is seen a shifting of the planetary vibrational construct. Hence, what entities are hearing is the release of certain layers of consciousness, those layers of imbalanced and toxic vibrational frequencies that mankind has energized throughout the centuries, that have been absorbed into the fabric of the planet’s auric matrix. Thus, your planet has been in essence, removing those layers of consciousness, of discord and negativity and releasing those vibrational frequencies into the surrounding atmosphere as it continues to separate from those lower, more physical densities and dimensions.

This Awareness indicates that this splitting of realities is not uncommon, but what is unique in this experience is the fact that entities can hear those internal shifts of vibrational reality. That in regards to the floating city phenomenon, this Awareness indicates that the focus upon perception is the primary issue here, for one’s perception is that element that is your reality. Thus, the physical aspects are not the true reality. One’s perception, is in fact, the authentic reality. Hence, the reason why, in general, entities around the world are perceiving those floating cities in the sky relates to the collective consciousness, the recognition and acceptance of its’ individual and mass transition out of one reality and into another. This Awareness indicates that mankind is simply presenting itself with an opportunity to be altering and evolving one’s perception. This herein is the primary opportunity which is now being presented.

Therefore, those entities who are perceiving those floating cities are indeed offering themselves the awareness of the presentment of a parallel reality, an alternate reality, in order to recognize their own individual identification and thought process regarding the recognition and acceptance of their mass transition, this mass movement into higher frequencies, which is the result of this photon wave that has entered into your reality as of 2012-2013. Hence, this Awareness suggests that entities remain vigilant and mindful and continue to explore and make strides in their individual and mass efforts to accept the changes presently taking place in your reality and the acceptance of one’s own self.

That the turning of one’s attention to the inner self and the listening to self is seen as greatly enhancing one’s individual power to manifest and alter one’s reality to the extent one can manage or handle. Hence, the imagery of those floating cities offers more than simply a brief fascination but in fact, it offers your species a reflection and clear validation of your collective transition into higher frequencies, into higher realities. Thus, this Awareness suggests entities meditate daily upon this message and its greater meaning and how this planetary phenomenon is affecting your reality, affecting your species and your choices.

This Awareness is now complete in Its’ message.

Those who obsess over the ‘feel good’ factor and refuse to face the truth because it is uncomfortable. The slowest pathway of spiritual development; the path of suffering. Energy is attention and attention is energy. The value of the “Path of suffering”. Are there other dimensions of reality different from ours, if so, how are they different in physical form and general structure? What is the general method of entering into these strange realities? Our current timeline and where exactly are we in this transformation of reality? Standing upon the doorway of dimensional choices. Balancing upon the razors’ edge.

This Awareness is now available for comment.

This Awareness indicates there are those entities who move from entity to entity, place to place, community to community, seeking that elusive aspect of life, “the feel-good factor”. That these entities often complain that there is not enough good vibrations in the world, hence they move from venue to venue seeking out that intrinsic hunger, hoping to find it somewhere outside in physical reality. This Awareness indicates these same entities, those who seek out the ‘feel good factor’ are, in general, the same ones who fear the Dark Forces of reality. They fear those things that are hidden, that are of a frightening nature. Preferring rather, to bask in the Divine Light for eternity. They fear that which is unknown, that which is unseen.

That in actuality, these same entities are in fact fearing their own selves, their own inner beliefs. Fearing what they do not understand, nor wish to understand. And in this manner, they intensify their fears, their limiting beliefs, unaware that this may be the very thing that they have come here to resolve. These are the same entities who cry out, “Please, no more ghost stories, no more scary shadow beings or Bigfoot creatures wanting to eat me, I cannot handle this shocking information because it startles me and makes me uncomfortable”! Thus, there will always be those entities out there who will always argue that everyone should focus on and seek out only the Light and ignore that of the Darkness and those creatures and beings who dwell within that Darkness.

They cry out that there is too much fear, too much darkness already present within the world. This Awareness indicates that there are many entities who seek out and pay good money to organizations and groups in order to attain that ‘feel-good’ factor and spiritual comfort. That these entities, the ones who fear the darkness, fear the truth, fear their own selves, are the ones this Awareness is speaking about. That these entities are seen, in general, as paying large amounts of money so that they may sit in comfort and listen to other entity’s proclamations, those claiming great spiritual wisdom and knowledge and simply relax as they ponder the alleged wisdom of that self-serving spiritual teacher, refusing to hear and acknowledge anything that relates to shocking truths and hidden knowledge or anything fear and fact related.

That many entities follow this pathway, the path of self-denial, of rejection of truth and wisdom. This Awareness indicates in reality, these are the same entities who fear the truth, fear the unknown that makes them uncomfortable, thus fearing self. They cry out for some higher spiritual being to assist them and offer them insight and help, but when these same entities finally connect with those who are in fact spiritually sagacious and supportive mentors, these same entities will often express, “Well, this teacher simply expressed too much alien knowledge or too much insight into other worldly beings, parallel realities and dimensions or too much awareness of the issue of ghosts, so I cannot just sit here and listen to all this scary stuff”!

And these entities will simply crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after them, refusing to listen, refusing to acknowledge, refusing to face the truth of reality hence, refusing to grow and develop, which is one of the primary purposes in life for all entities, to learn, to grow, to expand one’s consciousness and evolve. This Awareness suggests that it is in the seeking and acknowledging of the darkness, the suffering, the pain and tragedy of mankind, that one may find the truth and in finding and accepting that truth, one may move further down that path of learning, growth and wisdom. This Awareness indicates that it is all about the acceptance to face the truth, no matter how uncomfortable that truth is and, in this way, one may change one’s consciousness and evolve.

But, if one chooses to refuse such transformation and simply sit back and relax in one’s own individual shadows, one’s own denial of truth, then this Awareness askes, “How can one expect to grow and evolve if one refuses to accept the opportunity to move out of fear”? This Awareness indicates that those who fear the truth and fear learning the esoteric nature of reality are those who refuse their own spiritual growth and evolvement, often due to fear of losing one’s comfort zone. Hence, it is courage, discipline and fortitude that is needed. This Awareness indicates that one of the best ways to manage this challenge is to go through the necessary actions and intense challenges that will provide them with whatever is necessary for them to learn, grow, expand and heal themselves.

This Awareness indicates that energy follows attention.  If you give attention to something, energy magnetizes there. Thus, if you give attention to each other, you are each indeed energizing the other, and you begin to ‘feel good’ because of the attention you are receiving and the attention you are giving. This Awareness indicates that when you give attention and attention is returned, particularly wherein there is benefit and gain from the attention given, entities grow stronger. This Awareness indicates that energy follows attention, attention is energy, and there is no possibility that entities can have their vitality totally drained if they genuinely understand this principle, for indeed, they can find ways of providing themselves with energy if it is necessary.

This Awareness suggests that if one is fearful of becoming aware of uncomfortable issues of the Dark Forces and those creatures who dwell within that darkness, then how can one expect to learn, grow and evolve? That it is in the genuine seeking of esoteric knowledge mixed with courage and curiosity that creates the pathway for bountiful spiritual growth and novel development. Therefore, if entities choose to follow the path of fear, the path of denial of truth, the fear of truth, then how can one expect to develop and evolve in one’s spirituality? This Awareness suggests to one and all that it is in the courage, the facing of one’s fears, standing up to those fears and making oneself uncomfortable in learning such shocking news that creates the greatest path for strong willpower, self-development and spiritual evolvement.

Hence, this Awareness suggests entities now focus on facing their fears, addressing those dark and frightening aspects of their life, accepting that life itself is full of both the “feel-good” factor and also the “feel-bad” factor, but by focusing upon only one of these factors and refusing to acknowledge, to address the other factors, that this is seen as the slow path to wisdom. This Awareness indicates this is what could be called the “Path of suffering”, whereby this pathway does lead to spiritual awareness and growth, but at a much slower pace. Thus, one may choose to seek out those dark or fearful challenges, ignoring all else, ignoring all ‘feel good’ challenges, but this pathway can only lead to an imbalanced and one-sided form of wisdom.

Therefore, this Awareness suggests entities open their minds and reflect upon what truly is important in their lives, in their spiritual growth and evolution. That while fear can create much discomfort and distress, it is also seen that this is what makes entities strong and more capable of managing their emotional and mental forces. This Awareness indicates that indeed it is in facing one’s fears, not sticking one’s head into the sand like an ostrich, that increases and amplifies one’s inner strength, one’s courage and confidence in life. That this is the stabilizing factor that most entities seek. This Awareness indicates those with the most fear, are those who have the greatest opportunity for growth, development and advancement.

This Awareness indicates that your physical reality is one of multitudes in the realm known as Terrestria, that which is known as physicality. That many entities believe there is only one physical reality. This Awareness indicates that in actuality, physical reality is quite limited. This Awareness indicates there is that which is known as non-physical reality, wherein entities dwell in a reality based in non-physicality, a reality wherein some areas, there is no emotion felt. That there are other realities whereby entities experience no thought and also no emotion. This Awareness indicates that these types of non-physical reality offer great challenges for entities, whereby when entities attempt to enter into these realities, there is often a sense of unfamiliarity and confusion.

This Awareness indicates that a general method for entering such dimensions is observed as firstly, calming and clearing the mind through meditation. Whereby the entity seeking these alternate realities may begin by removing all fear. Next, the entity may choose to begin by choosing a target dimension and by focusing one’s attention upon detaching, greater and greater, until there is a sense of total and complete detachment of one’s consciousness into these non-physical realities with the intent of exploration. That in regards to those non-physical realties that are devoid of emotion and thought, that this creates more challenge for entities of a mental nature, therefore this type of translation can be quite challenging and difficult for many indeed. That herein is the primary challenge.

Therefore, even if you allow yourself to enter into these non-physical realities, which is possible, by projecting your mental forces, to other areas of consciousness, your experience shall not be associated with thought or with emotion. Hence, it may be somewhat challenging for those entities entering into such realities to translate that into an objective expression, an objective experience. Although, this Awareness suggests this can be accomplished, that one can accomplish this, however it may be somewhat more challenging in a struggling manner for some and for others, it may be more of a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Thus, what is observed as the most effective method for entering such realities is that of being mentally prepared for such a journey. This by means of preparing oneself for a completely unique and unfamiliar experience. Having a goal, having a specific focus, a specific energetic attitude that one may follow in order to gain the greatest value, the greatest learning experience.

That entities may build a sense of ‘readiness’, a sense of openness and trust and confidence in one’s ability to navigate such inner journeys of consciousness, before attempting such a trek. Hence, one may wish to be in a state of complete inner balance and being in one’s power, before attempting such a dimensional journey. The primary focus is about getting comfortable within oneself, within one’s own greater depth of consciousness and sense of universal essence. That this can be, for some, an intense challenge mixed within frustration and yet for others, it can be a time of awakening and elation and exploration. Hence, this Awareness suggests that entities who choose to experience this particular pathway of learning may wish to carefully prepare for such an act.

This Awareness indicates there is that which is known as the razors edge. That which is seen as the splitting of reality into two distinct aspects or timelines. Wherein entities are now experiencing the shifting and separating of reality into two different timelines, that which is the pathway of darkness and that which is the pathway of light. This Awareness indicates that in the perspective of world events, that an extreme energy wave has recently expressed itself into your reality, creating internal and transitional energetic effects. That as a result of this extreme frequency shift, that many around the world are experiencing much inner chaos and conflict, which is being expressed upon the planetary stage in the form of mass riots, governmental shifts and extreme weather manifestations.

One of these reactions is being expressed in the form of mass killings of humans and mass die-offs of animals, wherein birds and other animal elements are seen to be affected. That the very nature of reality indeed is seen as being affected by this massive transformation of energy, of reality. That the country of America is seen as being one of the most affected. Whereby, recently there has been an expression of extreme turbulence and chaos being promoted through the news media platforms and radio stations, expressing mass upheavals and conflicts, giving the impression that socialism is now the rule of the masses. That this plan by the Illuminati, for total and complete control of the masses, has been a long-time desire by those entities known as the Elite, those of the Powers That Be.

That in this plan for total world domination and control, there is that which is seen as the model for mankind, which is the Elite’s ideal perspective on world domination. That this plan requires the masses of humanity to forget their personal power and to give up that power, thus creating that which is known as “The puppet mentality”. Wherein entities have given up their power and have chosen to accept the branding of the beast, that of the Ahriman forces or Dark Forces. That this can be seen in such common expressions of humanity, for example, the A.I. construct. Wherein entities are seen to give up their power and control to a robotic construct. That this is the goal of those known as the Elite.

Wherein entities have given over their power and control to those in world dominance. That this is a plan with sinister implications. That this plan begins in stages. Wherein the first stage is based in mental programming and psychological conditioning of the entity and his or her individual preferences and ideals. That as this plan continues, there is a gestation period and then another round of programming and subliminal conditioning. That as this plan reaches its maturity level whereby mankind has accepted and tolerates the A.I. concept into one’s general and individual life, that this is where humans become completely lost and confused. This Awareness indicates many entities do not pay attention to their daily movements or expressions of energies and therefore, have little understanding of how things happen in life.

That this is the movement towards freedom and change on a massive level. That the only way these Powers That Be can keep entities under their control is to keep them blind and unaware. That this is the primary manner in which these Illuminati forces express their plans. Which is through mental conditioning and psychological controls. That one may wish to observe what is happening in the world and recognize those entities who are presently moving into greater divisiveness, greater chaos, greater animosity towards others and greater conflict, whereas there is another movement, and this movement is towards the light, that divine light of universal consciousness, that known as Divine Creator. That mass chaos is being expressed in those who choose to be divisive and refuse to give up their positions of power and control. This as the time of the razor’s edge.

This is where entities who have had power for a millennium are now seen to be losing that power and control, thus experiencing massive internal fear of survival and the need for greater expressions of chaos and conflict and mass killings and insanity. That this mass insanity is being promoted on a grand scale whereby entities can turn on their television devices to a news station and view that massive separation of reality, that separation of mankind, as the divine frequencies continue to expand and express into physicality, creating greater internal shifting and transformation. That this as that which is causing such chaos upon your planet presently, that of the internal shifting of reality, that which is known as the “Great reality shift of 2012-2013”. That this is the challenge which entities are facing presently, that your reality is indeed shifting.

Thus, it is now time for entities to understand that if they wish to continue their pathway into darker and more chaotic energies and less spiritual awareness, that this is a choice. Whereas, if entities choose to move into that which is seen as the light, that of higher more divine frequencies, then this is also a choice. That what most entities do not understand is that there is no absolute pathway in life. That entities may choose to take a darker pathway upon first entering into physicality, whereby soon, they begin to realize the dangers of their chosen pathway and choose to alter those choices and move into higher frequencies wherein they may experience greater harmony, greater peace, greater awareness and greater compassion for their fellow entities.

That this present timeframe now is seen as that which can be expressed in individual and collective healing. Whereby entities may choose to heal themselves and restructure their image, their image of self and to move into greater ease, greater comfort and greater understanding of their environment, the reality itself. That this as the time for individual healing. Whereby entities may now release those personal demons and self-judgments that limit and tear down the entity. Thus, it is a time of great change and transformation which is moving upon this planet and its’ species. That one may choose to make great changes in one’s life by altering their perception of reality.

Whereby entities may choose to replace the image of suffering, the image of chaos and the image of individual pain and anguish and replace these images with more beneficial images. This Awareness indicates that it is important to realize that you are a co-creator of reality, not an observer of reality. Thus, if one is unhappy with one’s choices in life, that all one has to do is alter that perception of reality and examine one’s belief, which is the base of one’s physical reality construct. And in this examination and exploration of self, of one’s reality, that this is where one may realize that he or she is completely in control of one’s reality. This is where one may realize that he or she is not a victim, not powerless.

That one is not affected by those outside events. This Awareness asks one and all presently reading this message, what is your present pathway? And what is this choice based upon? Is it based upon ego projections or is it based upon selflessness and unconditional love? This Awareness indicates that all in reality is based upon choice. Therefore, you choose to suffer. And you choose to be in harmony. Thus, it is all about choice. Hence, if an entity chooses to move down the pathway of self-destruction and mass chaos, that this is a choice. That presently humanity is moving into two very different timelines. One wherein an aspect of humanity is moving into greater darkness, greater suffering and greater ego expression.

Whereas, that of the other aspect of humanity, those who follow the path of the Universal Oneness, are moving into higher levels of consciousness whereby they are experiencing great healings, great new understandings and new mindsets. That this is the pathway of light, that of the divine frequencies. It is the path of recognizing one’s own God Self. One’s own ability to create that which one desires. This Awareness suggests that entities who desire this pathway of light and higher learning may simply focus upon the concept of love and what this concept means to the entity. That one may choose to center oneself and attune to that higher light, that higher awareness, that higher Divine Essence, wherein the entity becomes one with ALL THAT IS. That this is your time.

The time to awaken yourself to the reality that you and only you create your reality, all of it. This Awareness indicates that soon this razors edge event will be no more and forgotten, as humanity begins its’ new timeline into merging with higher consciousness and those alien type entities who dwell within it. That this is indeed a time of great change and transformation thus, it is a time of great individual and mass choice. That as one perceives a planet of chaotic events and opposing attitudes and sinister forces creating havoc and mass killings and conflicts, that this is a time of awareness and choice. That entities need to examine their present pathway and ask oneself, “Does this present pathway benefit and support me in my spiritual mission and goals”? This Awareness indicates that many entities dwelling upon your planet presently are at this intersection point wherein they are realizing that a choice is needed.

That they cannot continue to go down their present pathway without great consequence, indeed. That this is the great awakening that this Awareness has talked about for many years now. The release from illusion and controls. This is the present timeline that you are reading this message from, a timeline of separation. A walking upon the razors edge, wherein entities are now seen balancing themselves upon this proverbial tightrope. Where confusion, mass killings and mass distortions of mind control are seen as the common mindset. This Awareness indicates this razors edge will continue in its’ expression and effect as humanity moves gradation by gradation into its’ future timeline. That much is happening on a magnitude that humans do not understand, thus there is a mass perceptional blindness that is occurring.

Yet, this Awareness indicates there is also another timeline, that which is the movement into higher frequencies and consciousness whereby one may begin to remember one’s soul connection and one’s higher spiritual purpose, thus empowering oneself through such self-awareness and remembrance of such things. This Awareness indicates many entities presently are finding their individual lives a chaotic mess, whereby their world feels like it is falling apart and there is only conflict and destruction. That these entities, those who follow the path of self-service, those who follow the path of self-importance, self-destruction and darkness are those who are feeling most desperate and fearful, thus one can view those fears being expressed upon the canvas of collective art that humanity paints and expresses by observing the international media and news platforms as they televise mass killings and chaotic weather events and mysterious happenings across your planet.

That many humans do not realize that they have incarnated on this planet to fulfill certain soul lessons, thus they are the ones who are most confused and lost in this present timeline shift as they continue to struggle and go deeper into that endless abyss. This Awareness indicates that many entities wish for a better world, a better environment and a better connection with their fellow humans. That this is now the time for individual choosing. Wherein entities now have the choice to continue down that path of self-destruction, chaos, greater separation and suffering or to move into a new direction wherein one may experience a greater awareness, a greater understanding of self and reality. That this is the present reality, a reality that is shifting, a reality that is increasingly unstable, a reality that is destined to change. Where one chooses to land is up to each and every entity who is reading this message.

Thus, it is a time of great transformation and of making choices that benefit one’s individual goals and life purpose. Hence, this Awareness suggests that entities may now explore and examine their life path choices and ask themselves, “What is my deepest and most genuine life goal that I need to accomplish, is it to stay in my present state of ignorance and self-mesmerism or is it to move into new and empowering states of higher consciousness where my awareness, my inner peace and individual well-being will be energized and molded into my highest state of being”?

That these are some of the questions that entities may ask themselves as they stand upon those dimensional doorways of reality.

This is now complete.

The following are just a few of the valuable future topics to be discussed in depth….

Lucid Dreaming: Astral states. Altered states. How to direct oneself while in the dream state. Moving into dimensional states & how to remain stable.

Being in the now: Where to place one’s attention & concentration. Allowing other avenues of movement. Simultaneous time; linear time and the power of now. Interaction with others and who is creating that reality.

Manifesting:  The power of choice; How to focus; Where to place one’s attention; Where to place one’s emotional focus and mental focus.

The Inner senses: Elements of consciousness. States of consciousness; altered states, dream states, astral states.

Automatic unconscious responses: How to recognize, address and resolve.

Removing the need to judge others: Understanding self judgment and why we compare ourselves to others.

Gender:  Why individuals sometimes refuse to accept another’s gender.

CHAKRAS:  Function & base structure. Qualities & Higher understanding. How sound can affect one’s chakras in meditation. Tibetan singing bowls; higher vibrational frequencies and its effect.

The Future of Healing: Music, colors, light and vibrational medicine.

The Human Aura: Can an aura be physically manipulated or is consciousness the only thing that can change it? And how does one manipulate the energies?

Exploring the 3 primary realms of consciousness:  Celestria, Hades, Terrestria. Navigating the 12 dimensions. Understanding the 7 primary densities of consciousness.

Mastering Astral Travel: Encountering lower conscious beings and how to protect oneself from these dark energies while in the astral state.

How to know when someone else is in your energetic space: Identifying & recognizing other’s consciousness. How to stop other individuals’ energies from invading and feeding off of your own.

Victimization: And being a prisoner of one’s own thinking. The shedding of emotions. Giving up one’s identification of self. Becoming one with the Buddha.

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