“Free Past Life Reading”

This love offering focuses on revealing certain values or aspects of the seeker related to key beliefs of the self being developed and projected by its soul into future or past lifetimes / timelines. Therefore, this “free” reading offers the seeker more clarity on understanding the true nature of their multi-dimensional self.

In order to participate in this free reading, the seeker / member is asked to meditate and ask their Higher Self to show them one of their most important past or future lifetimes that they need to know, at this time.

Then, the seeker / member can send in that past life reading to the Interpreter and he will add to that reading by attuning to that past life and offer his own perceptions or input. This offers the seeker / member an opportunity to view different aspects or perspectives of their overall soul development.

The Process:

It is suggested that the member / seeker meditate and focus on asking his or her own Higher Self for support during this reading and offer its own understanding of the situation.

The key topics to focus on are…

Place of origin: (Defined as the planet’s name or galaxy where it is located).

Gender of past life entity: (Whether you were male or female).

Purpose and role of that past life: (Your main perceived lesson while in that lifetime).

The main challenge while living in that lifetime: (Defined as…any limiting or negative issues that held you back from living in total freedom and harmony).

Note: It is suggested that members send in their past life request at any time.

And at the end of every three month cycle, there will be an announcement informing members as to who has won.

Next, the free reading will be posted on our “Past life public message board”, usually during the first week of the month, where all members may benefit from this event.

This free past life reading is offered to members of Sacred Light Community four times each year. Therefore, every three months there will be an announcement preceding this free past life reading, informing the membership of the time and date.