Coming soon….





A monthly free “Community Guidance” page.



Free Meditations.



A monthly free online “Accelerated Growth & Self-Development” class.

(this class will focus on multiple aspects of spirituality, discussing each topic, which will last for approximately 3 months where 12 students / members will interact and share their unique understanding and ask questions.)



A free past life reading every 3 months.



The annual collective consciousness potential timeline reading.



A free Q & A monthly webinar.

(where members can ask any questions and at the end of the month 10 questions will be answered offering members an in-depth understanding of their issues.)



The Sacred Healing Tenets.



The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness.




Registered Members will have access to the new 7 spiritual groups:



·      Intent & Value Fulfillment



·      Sexuality



·      Subjective Self / Inner Self



·      Infinite Dimensions



·      Feminine Goddess Energies



·      Belief Systems & Constructs



·      Oversoul & Essence Consciousness


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