“Observe it all, Bless it all, Release it all”


This Awareness welcomes one and all to this courageous and empowering new world. This Awareness indicates that a new dawning is now taking place in physical reality. That this light community known as “Sacred Light of Cosmic Awareness community” is now being bathed in divine light and divine love. That these higher frequencies, these divine frequencies can create a sense of accelerated growth in each and every entity that touches upon this divine vibration, calming and soothing each entity that it encompasses, calming all fear, all negativity and offering each entity hope, optimism and a sense of well-being.

That there are many who are finding that their lives are dramatically being affected at this time, both by events in the collective consciousness as well as at the individual level. This Awareness indicates as of recent years gone by; human consciousness has begun to expand. This process of shifting human consciousness, of establishing a new level of reality different from the old, is a long-term process. Hence, a degree of acceptance will allow one to truly step into one’s Cosmic Self or Godhood, while at the same time becoming a fully realized human being.

This Awareness indicates that at this present moment, extremely dramatic and energetically powerful events are scheduled to proceed at this time. Therefore, in these times of great transformation, it is beneficial to stay focused on one’s own spiritual journey. The spiritual pathway being defined as the path of expanding self-awareness, bringing one to greater awareness, illumination and enlightenment, especially when one is willing to look within and to accept the responsibility of one’s life. Herein it is important to understand that some individuals are not here to have this type of individual realization and experience. Many individuals have asked inwardly, “What is it that I am here to learn in life?”

And as one becomes reflective and asks this question and is willing to look at the revelations that can be provided when one asks such questions, one will step through the limiting self-created walls and barriers that have been held by the sub-conscious mind and release the outdated unconscious programs and to understand that as one is installing the new empowering programs, change will start, but it may not occur instantly. That this is a process. It is that which must be dealt with slowly and comfortably at one’s own pace, wherein sometimes there are intense explosions in self-exploration and self-awareness and therefore, often there can be massive quantum leaps forward when one breaks through the walls and barriers that have restricted one for so long.

Since 2012-2013, many have expanded their personal awareness and are waking up to new levels of consciousness and are becoming aware of the need for greater self-development, learning, healing and further expansion of consciousness. Many entities who have drawn themselves to this light community and its universal energies see themselves not as part of a dualistic universe but as part of a multi-dimensional universe, thus when one believes and knows that the truth of their being is that they are multidimensional in nature and that the physical expression of that nature is simply one of infinite expressions, whereby they can move into oneness instead of separation, then entities are perceiving reality through a clear lens of perception.

That it is now time for entities who feel ready to move into a unified vibration of oneness with the Divine Creator to open their minds to examining this potential. This Awareness now extends a blessing to all entities who read this message and to extend healing energies to all entities who come in contact with this light community, that which is known as sacred light of Cosmic Awareness community. That this energy is seen as carrying certain healing qualities, upliftment and supporting progression in soul growth and joy for each and every entity that connects with this community, adding more enlightened awareness and harmonious connection with the planetary consciousness itself.

Hence, the seed is now planted for a new construct of spiritual growth and personal development in humankind and that this light community, sacred light community, supports this new dawn and the beginning of this new planet, this new timeline. Expanding awareness of spirit, the oneness of all and sharing in and supporting this light community and its members. That the messages which come through the Interpreter are having a profound effect upon the consciousness on this plane of reality, and is likened unto the opening of a chakra in the body of humanity. This relating to the opening of the heart and crown chakras.

This Awareness indicates that the divine energies are now being directed to those who come in contact with this light community, so that this divine light begins to spread and flow from one to the other and again to others beyond. This energy is seen as carrying progression in soul growth, in spiritual attunement and supportive healing value while simultaneously carrying harmony, love and joy for all.

That it is indicated that those of you who are entering into the membership of sacred light community, who are weary and exhausted with the challenges of physicality may now find rest. That those of you who sought awareness, love, strength, healing or unity, may find these energies now and bathe in the light of Divine Love, of Divine Light, of the universal vibration of ALL THAT IS.

It is suggested that entities now reach deep within themselves to find that divinity which is themselves, that they focus on energizing humility and patience as they begin to learn and understand Who in Fact, They Really Are.





What is the Ultimate Vibration, Divine Creator, Cosmic Awareness?

It is the force that spoke through historical and well-known individuals such as…




Jesus the Nazarene, John the Baptist, Joan of Arc, Lao-Tzu, Krishnamurti, Buddha and many others such as… Alexander of Macedonia, Apollonius of Tyana, and more recently Edgar Cayce and Sai Baba.


All have been channels or voices for the Divine Universal Consciousness that many call God or Creator or as It has expressed Itself…. Cosmic Awareness.

A minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 messages are posted each month.

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