This annual timeline interpretation focuses primarily on the collective consciousness of mankind and its’ spiritual ascension. Identifying key movements and challenges throughout the year.

Other issues commented on are those related to world politics, national health issues, planetary evolution (the planets’ energetic shifting), world mysteries and strangeness, new inventions, space anomalies.

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Annual Interpretation of Timelines”.


For the year 2019


(These are not predictions. This is merely a psychic and spiritual overview of what I am perceiving now in the present moment to be the strongest potential timeline manifesting into the year of 2019. And that, what is focused on is the current energy status as I follow those timelines into the coming year. Therefore, these insights are merely my own personal attunements & interpretations to the vibrational frequencies of these timelines currently moving in the collective consciousness.)


(Time of reading, Dec. 2018)


Now, the first energetic potentials that are perceived have to do with spiritual waves of higher vibrations that are entering our physical plane of reality.


Next are the potentials for the collective consciousness relating to politics, collective spiritual growth and individual events.


Now first, what is seen is that this year appears to have very strong movement towards merging of what could be called “Divine or Spiritual energies”. And that, these are ‘energetic waves’ of higher vibration and frequency. Beginning a new wave of intensity beginning in the month of January and peaking around June (28th).


Where there appears to be another even higher wave of energy that will peak again around the time of July. And continue to peak again and again throughout the final months of the year, expressing significant transformations on or around the dates of August (2-5th) and again in September, around the 25th of the month.


And that, these waves appear to be quite powerful and will continue to have a transmutational effect on all of humanity as these higher vibrational frequencies continue to flow into our physical reality. But that does not mean that all individuals will have the same level of experience when moving into these divine waves of energy.


As what is seen is that everyone will experience this event at their own level or pace. For example, one individual might be experiencing higher perceptional awareness i.e. seeing colors or energy patterns at a microscopic level whereas, an individual who has not evolved to that higher level might only be slightly aware of his or her own perceptions and energies.


Now, there does appear to be certain ‘crests of the wave’ that will hit during key months or timeframes, and these ‘key crests’ are seen happening in the months of…. March, April, May, June, August, September, October (October being one of the most powerful in intensity), and November (beginning around the 11th or 12th.) being the most blissful and joyous.


Therefore, this year is seen as having very significant energetic and physical events and experiences. Now, one of the main energetic expressions appears to be that of an increasing mass and individual revelation of sorts. In that, it is seen that many individuals will experience slight improvements in their perceptional awareness, while some others appear to be experiencing a higher level of inner awakening of their self-awareness and perceptions.


The most impressive and transformative shift being seen not in this year but rather in the early months of 2020, specifically around the month of April. And that, as of this present moment, the year of 2020 is seen as a most powerful and transformative shift in human perception and awareness of the collective consciousness and the mass awakening of the secret machinations of the Elite which has been going on for decades and decades.


Also, there appears to be another grouping of humans all around the planet who will be experiencing a rather strong and life transforming experience. This being…. individuals who will experience a much higher degree of conscious awareness of their inner being, their inner psyche, while at the same time, experiencing many strange events and perceptions, i.e. seeing two completely different perceptions of a room or person or location, as if they were seeing two different realities or parallel realities, at the same time.


Some are perceiving dimensional portal travelers, i.e. the Dogman and those extremely large Black panthers, Giant birds, Sasquatch people, Fairies, Gnomes, the Moth man and other flying humanoids. And that, these dimensional portal travelers are seen to be experienced mainly around the months of October and November of 2019.


Also, some individuals appear to be experiencing astral projection during normal daylight hours in normal interaction with others. Some appear to be experiencing teleportation or telekinesis and it is seen that many will experience unexpected but enlightening connection with their own soul group and experiencing brief moments of that which is known as…. Universal Oneness.


Now, all these experiences will depend upon the individual’s personal growth or level of evolution. Therefore, this is not just a collective consciousness event but also, an individual event. And that, if you are experiencing a strong pattern of mental, emotional or even physical anguish or pain, then it is a clear sign that you have inner work to do, as this timeframe is one of not just collective challenges but also, personal inner challenges, where individuals can now release and heal from those past challenges of mental conflict, pain, fear, powerlessness, self-rejection, and emotional turmoil.


Next, there appears to be a strong movement to uncover secret groups, individuals and behind the scenes practices being thrown onto the center of the stage and into the spotlight.


And that, it is seen there will be many unexpected public exposes of certain well-known organizations being spot lighted. That what is seen here is…. that Twitter, Google and Facebook will be in the spotlight regarding certain hidden corruption charges or mishandling of privacy documents or protocol or other information, illuminating and expressing certain machinations and ties with other corrupt or secret groups. And that, this appears to be manifesting sometime around the first few months of this coming year of 2019.


And what is seen here is that…. there appears to be a massive wave of long-time secret activities being posted on public television, internet and radio programs. This having to do with pedophilia, child trafficking and other sexual perversions. And that this potential event, as it is televised on national and even world communications, is merely the tip of the iceberg.


In that, this event is seen as being part of a much bigger, hidden and more expansive agenda that those known as the Illuminati, The Powers That Be or Elite have been involved in for decades and decades, this being seen as pedophilia and the killing of children during the practice of satanic rituals.


And that, this secret world-wide pedophilia group is, much larger than many perceive it to be, and that it does appear that there are literally a few hundred thousand individuals involved here. This being an activity that is practiced not only in politics, but also in sports organizations, music and radio organizations, movie and film makers, the Military and famous fast food organizations and major private corporate businesses and groups. And that, what is seen is that, hidden behind this pedophilia group activity is a satanic group, an Illuminati satanic group. This being connected with ancient Egyptian and Druid cults.


And that, these individuals are connected to many public figures and groups, one of these being the Vatican. And another tentacle being involved with the secret space program. And what is seen is that, numerous politicians will either be publicly ousted and officially charged, or they will choose to end their career, resign and leave their public position. This being the most probable. And that, this is seen as having a rather strong effect on the collective conscious perception, the peoples of the U.S and the world in general.


Regarding Govt. machinations and internal movement.


It appears that there will be many new political removals, and that, one that is clearly seen is the removal of certain key figures in the Presidents’ inner council being ousted appears as Rex Tillerson.

And that, he appears to be in a contradictory position. And that, he is and has been opposing the President.


This being seen from a cosmic level of perception, that being, a Cosmic Awareness level. It also appears that there will be a major but secretive agreement between President Trump, the South Koreans and another political group, possibly the Japanese Govt., which appears to be a situation where these groups are agreeing to work together to completely terminate and end North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.


Now, there does appear to be another secretive or hidden plan relating to a new “Space command or department”. And that, it appears there is a group of ‘good guys’, mainly positioned in the Military, but also, in many other sectors, branches, departments and offices. And that these ‘good guy’ groups have banded into one primary group that has recently acquired access to a hidden cache of ‘exotic’ technology hidden underneath the ice deep in the area of Antarctica.


And that, it appears there is a powerful plan to release this high technology into the hands of the main stream public, which will have a tremendous effect on how we perceive and understand the power of technology and usher a new wave of productivity and prosperity in the field of health & healing. Now, what appears is that there are many restraints or walls blocking this high tech. from being used in the medical and other healing fields.


And what appears is that in order to succeed in this massive plan, it is vital that a new platform be installed first. And that, this is the key to this plan for sharing this ‘exotic tech’ to be released, which is, the creation of a new “Space force / command”, (the platform) where the ‘good guys’ Military group will be the ones to bring this ‘exotic’ tech. into the public sector by adding it to the basic Space command / force curriculum.


This appears to be already activated and rolled out and will be potentially, publicly discussed in the months of April-July of 2019. Until then, it does appear that the foundational structure will continue to be implemented and solidified, until public display is activated. And that, if there is no public news display of this event, then it may not happen until 2028.


Now, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is another avenue of control that appears to be in movement. In that, it appears that there is a major push being implemented, at this time, to create an artificial intelligence control system by creating household gadgets and mind controlled, televised promotions that focus on selling these A.I. tools as a form of health awareness tools, i.e. the new A.I. watch that keeps track of an individual’s own heart rate, genetics and other bodily functions and that these signals of internal monitoring are sent to a massive computer system ( The cloud ) that is controlled by Artificial Intelligence.


And that, the plan appears to be that these designer health tools, as it will be called, can send a persons’ real time bodily functions to a computer based “Cloud” system and then sends all personal info. to this massive A.I. computer web system, and that the goal is to have this A.I. control system actually ‘take a position of authority’ over the people who are connected to this system and eventually, to ‘think for’ and offer guidance to the people who are connected, and finally, to stop offering guidance and to replace that with total and complete domination of their thinking processes. And that, this appears to be one of the worst or most detrimental plans to destroy humankind.


Beware of the new commercials that promote A.I. tech and how ‘cool’ it will be to have this ‘convenient’ tech in ‘all’ of our homes. One can easily research this “A.I. control system” and see the types of future potentials that are on the way, by watching certain internet videos where A.I. is literally seen or heard to ‘attack’ the owners of this A.I. tech that was installed in their homes.



Now, what appears as most significant is that this A.I. infection does not appear to be what the bad guys have hoped for, as this current timeline does not appear to have any massive A.I. chaos or control effects. It does appear that there will be a small A.I. effect in daily human activities, but only the basic levels of human interaction, i.e., computer mops that clean your floors or cell phones with facial rec. and other smaller conveniences. There does not appear to be any human robots that will have the power to control humans or affect humans on any level, at least, not on this current timeline.


Therefore, there does not appear to be any immediate threat from this A.I. tech., but that does not mean that the bad guys will roll over and give up. For it is seen that they will continue to attempt many new machinations for mass control. Yet, ALL these plans do appear to be foiled or failed attempts. And so, the A.I. threat, where supposedly artificial intelligence wants to take over and control all the human species, does not appear to be a strong potential manifestation therefore, one that is not of extreme concern, on this current timeline, but should be continually monitored.


And that, what is seen energetically is… a massive and overwhelming energetic/emotional effect on the public, in that many will be in a state of emotional shock and intellectual re-examination of their own personal belief systems. And that this is seen as beginning in this coming year of 2019, (around June / July) but having its strongest effect or hitting the crest of this wave, in April of 2020.


Causing a type of mass transformation and movement. In that, this appears to be the first major spark of a collective wildfire that is moving across the country and into all levels of the planet itself. Creating a very powerful and transformative effect in the collective consciousness of the human species and the planet itself.


And what is seen as being a most beneficial pathway for many is…. staying centered while focusing on the perception of neutrality. Being neither for nor against. Keeping one’s focus / attention on… staying out of the drama, out of the chaos by merely staying focused on remaining in the center and realizing that it is simply a matter of “How you chose to respond”. Staying out of the conflict, neither projecting energies for nor against those chaotic actions and events being promoted in the news and other communications. Complete and total “Non-attachment”!


That the power of love, divine love, is seen as the most powerful and transformative effect that will help those of the Dark Forces and potentially ‘wake them up”! For the main purpose here is not to create greater separation of the masses by yelling at the authorities to lock up or punish the bad guys, but rather, it is…to offer love and forgiveness to ALL, even those individuals who follow the pathway of darkness and service-to-self and to help these lost individuals find their own inner sense of the Light, the Divine Light, and help them to move away from their dark path ( if they are truly ready and committed) and find a more comfortable and life giving pathway that heals these lost individuals.


Most so-called light workers, that I have observed and met, are still stuck at lower levels of conscious reality where they believe that…. arguing and fighting against those of the Dark Forces is the best way to win in this situation. But these individuals, those who claim to be of the Divine Light and promote the Light but still battle against the dark ones and try to destroy them, hurt them and kill them, still do not understand. It is time to give up the need to fight and seek peace instead. Opposition and appreciation do not coexist well.



That, a true, spiritually developed individual, is one who not only ‘claims’ to be of the light, of the unified pathway, but literally….” Lives in the light”, not as a concept, but as an actuality! And that, this type of spiritual individual is literally ‘living in the higher frequencies’, not just ‘claiming’ to be in those higher frequencies, while simultaneously, trying to attack and destroy those of the Dark Intent.


This is not the way of the ‘true’ spiritually evolved being. Therefore, if we, as a developing and evolving race of humans, cannot find the love in our hearts to forgive and live together, in peace, with our fellow humans, even those of the Dark Intent, then…how can we truly call ourselves…. spiritually evolved?


And so, the question is….” Are you, as a self-proclaimed spiritually evolved being, following the path of divine love, sincere support and unity or are you still following the path of ego gratification and lower conscious evolvement”?


True light workers, those that follow the path of love and unity are those who do not claim to be of the Light, while still attacking and battling and trying to destroy those of the Dark Forces. They are those individuals who actually ‘Live in the light’ and practice the highest order of Spiritual Laws. And that, their message is always the same.


“ACCEPT ALL, LOVE ALL, FORGIVE ALL, and live your life to the fullest extent, while helping others along the way”.



Completion of timeline reading.

Annual Interpretation of Timelines”.

For the year 2020

(These are not predictions. This is merely a psychic and spiritual overview of what I am perceiving now in the present moment to be the strongest potential timeline manifesting into the year of 2020. And that, what is focused on is the current energy status as I follow those timelines into the coming year. Therefore, these insights are merely my own personal attunements & interpretations of the vibrational frequencies of those timelines currently moving in the collective consciousness.)

(Time of reading, October-December. 2019)

(Interpretation initiates)

Now, in looking into the time frame of 2020, it appears that this coming year, especially during the time of April and beginning of May, appears to be a time of mass perceptional transformation and change, and that there appears to be a strong ‘detaching effect’, caused by this massive shift in energies, where individuals will experience a sense of separation or detachment from what was, and that this effect appears to be directly related to the intense spiritual frequencies which have been flooding into our physical reality since the beginning of 2012-2013.

And that, it is seen that there will be a massive wave of divine vibrational energies, splashing down into our reality. And that, it appears that this massive shift in frequencies is being catapulted by certain actions of the American Govt., which is seen as a time of major conflict, followed by shock and chaos, mass realization and mass detachment as this energetic battle between Light and Dark Forces creates another massive shift in human consciousness.

This battle between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness appears to be causing a powerful shift in mass perception, energy and timelines. And it is clear that human consciousness will be separating more and more into two very distinct pathways, one being that of the lower, more self-important, ego dominated, animalistic, self-serving consciousness and the other being that of the higher, more loving, self-aware, unity oriented, service to others consciousness.

And that, this is seen as a time of great personal and mass spiritual growth, development. And higher ascension for those who have already evolved to that level. Now, some of the top themes or energetic patterns that appear to be manifesting at this time appear as…” Exotic technology. Political / Governmental internal shifts. Free energy devices.  And individual and mass realizations of an enlightening nature.

Also, there appears to be new forms of communication and transportation technologies being promoted, not only in the physical aspects but also in the psychical aspects, this being more related to communications rather than transportation. There are two main areas of communication that do appear to be shifting and transforming into completely different structures and expressions, one of these is seen as the internet structure and the other is seen as the fake news media platforms. In reference to the internet, it does appear that a new and empowering internet structure will be implemented soon.

The other new communication structure being implemented is related to the news or fake news structures. Where this appears as being completely dismantled and restructured into a new and lightworker friendly structure where total freedom from control is seen.  And these new, higher vibrational energies will influence each individual, creating a type of meditative effect, where individuals will have an easier time focusing their mind and attention, seeing more clearly what illusion is and how reality works.

Also, there appears to be many new and interesting scientific breakthroughs, especially in the area of individual and mass communications. Also, many new technologies in health care. There appears to be many new discoveries in the area of the electro-magnetic field involving crystals and vibration. And, a major event/shift involving Government accountability and corruption, mainly focused and fixated in the area of Washington D.C. And that, it appears that around the last weeks of March and into the first few weeks of April of 2020, there appears to be a massive wave of spiritual / divine frequencies splashing onto and into our physical reality. 

And what is happening here is that the bad guys, those who follow the path of self-service or dark intent are those who will be taking actions that are of such an evil and depraved intent that the good guys, those who follow the path of the light or service to others are seen as feeling that there is nothing to lose and it is now time to eradicate and fumigate those self-servicing and insane individuals who are keeping us tied to this dark cloud of evil intent.

And, as the month of March of 2020 begins to unfold, there does appear to be a desperate last attempt to take total control of the planet and its’ peoples by using disease or engineered genetic diseases and releasing one of these manufactured diseases into certain countries in an effort to create fear and economic chaos among the peoples. But, as the month of March continues to expand, it does appear that there will be a major shift in the matrix of consciousness where the good guys, those who support and defend the US constitution and its’ peoples will finally make that serious move towards wiping out those individuals of dark intent, those who have kept us in perceptional bondage for the last several decades or centuries.

This is the hidden war that most individuals have no awareness of, the war that has been battling right under their noses. This is the war of the Powers That Be against those who are the patriots of the world, those who are of the light, those who protect and honor this planet and its’ peoples. And so, the month of March does appear to be a time of immense transition of human consciousness and this specific time in March is what could be called the ‘tipping point’ where everything changes. And in this, what is seen in April of 2020 is a powerful and transformational wave of change spreading across the nation and the world itself, creating an overwhelming increase in light and love across the planet, engulfing everyone in this wave of love as it nurtures mankind and uplifts all in its’ transitional energies as it reaches its ultimate conclusion around November of 2020.

Now, both other worldly presence and free energy technologies appear to be expressing more intensely into our reality. And regarding the alien presence, it appears that there will be more and more mass sightings and potential encounters with humans. Along with many new cryptid sightings and encounters where dimensional creatures and beings are seen entering and walking about our reality, this being seen heavily in the months of July, August, September and November. August being a strong month for these inter-dimensional beings to come through.

And that, free energy devices will be implemented more and more, offering mankind a more direct and useful means of replacing electrical equipment with free energy equipment. And that, this appears to be starting in third world countries first and soon after, moving into the entire global structure. There will be new technology coming out in the year 2020 possibly in July or in the late fall. And that this technology is of a photon nature rather than an electrical nature.

Now, as for the political scene and President Trump. What is clear is that, this current president and his administration is moving into a strong and focused energetic framework and are grounding their structures and systems into physical reality. And the only potential positive alternative to this President appears as an unexpected, possible Republican opponent appearing on the scene, one who was not even seen as a potential. As for the democratic party and their greatest strengths, what appears in this chaotic scenario is….a myriad of conflict and disorganization between the challengers.

And that there is so much internal strife and chaos that….there seems to be no clear Democratic opponent being seen as …”the one” who could beat President Trump. Therefore, what I am seeing as the strongest potential President to be awarded this title is….the current president Trump., as his current potentiality appears as a 89-93% chance of winning a second term. And if this timeline ‘does’ manifest, then it is seen that even more prosperity, abundance, growth, fulfillment, personal and collective success will be the norm. And that, as this potential timeline becomes stronger and stronger and gains more and more stability and absorbs into the human collective consciousness, it does appear that mankind will definitely move into a more stable, more prosperous and more harmonious energetic pathway.

And while there does appear to be ‘some’ degree of potential or sinister machinations against this current President and his staff from those known as the Elite, that these disorganized attempts DO appear to fail…rather tremendously! Therefore, this coming year of 2020 does appear as a most promising year of manifesting exactly “what is asked for” and experiencing a new sense of reality, a new perception of reality and an expansive vibrational frequency of harmony and light that is seen as ever-increasing and expanding into our reality as this Spiritual Light continues to weaken and dissolve those Dark Forces and their minions, continuously saturating these lost souls with Light…Love…and Divine Joy. It is a time of great happiness, connection in unity, sharing and fulfillment of many personal and collective dreams coming true, at last.

As the energies and individuals of darkness and chaos continue to detach and disappear from the public scene, the Govt. scene, the public media news and this planet in general, there will be a mass energetic bubble of inner faith and trust, that many will be feeling and experiencing as their new life or new way of perceiving reality. It is a time of celebration and harvest. A time where individuals begin to acknowledge and accept that this planet and its’ peoples, are in fact, changing into a better world, a better reality, one where greater harmony and peace exists.

Therefore, the year of 2020 is seen as a time of reward, harvest and coming out of the storm and into intense Sunlight, so to speak. It is a time of feeling gratitude for all the efforts one has accomplished in life. A time of great abundance and prosperity in every aspect of life. And that, these spiritual frequencies that are now entering into our physical reality and affecting all who reside here, are in fact, the saving grace that many Lightworkers have awaited and hungered for and is now seen as manifesting.

And that, a main focus for individuals to practice appears as the daily meditation on grounding and also on accepting self and accepting the world as a new reality where individuals can manifest anything that they wish, immediately. And so, as we all move into this new year and reality, that keeping focus on our personal health and our personal mental and emotional mindset and attitudes towards life in general, is a most important focus.

It is vital that individuals recognize their power to manifest and begin to ACCEPT THAT POWER with ease, comfort and a sense of faith in oneself, faith in one’s ability, in one’s natural ability to create one’s reality. And that we all struggle in one way or another with our insecurities and weaknesses, but it is in the “self-recognition’ and self-acceptance” that changes everything.

Therefore, each and every individual reading this message is challenging themselves with the same issue, which is….”Walking the path of self-development by testing self with sometimes…overwhelming challenges in order to create the most empowering and transformational learning lessons, so that we might develop understanding and wisdom and evolve into higher and higher levels of awareness of self.

The path of self-realization is that pathway that we are all currently sharing and are situated upon….it is merely an issue of…. expressing our own particular and unique flavor or expression of life that adds paint to the canvas of life.

So, take your brush in hand…and create on your canvas of life….what ‘you feel’ is needed or desired mostly….and most of all……ENJOY!

(Completion of interpretation).

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