This annual timeline interpretation focuses primarily on the collective consciousness of mankind and its’ spiritual ascension. Identifying key movements and challenges throughout the year.

Other issues commented on are those related to world politics, national health issues, planetary evolution (the planets’ energetic shifting), world mysteries and strangeness, new inventions, space anomalies.


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Annual Interpretation of Timelines”.

For the year 2021


“Mankind’s Annual Collective Conscious Interpretation for 2021”


That mysterious light emerging from a neighboring galactic system. The movement into the Divine Light and how can we manage this grand shift? Fake news media to be removed and replaced with fair, unbiased and honorable companies. Amazon pedophile C.E.O. has been removed before his arrest. Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend /child trafficker has betrayed the pedophiles and is singing like a bird to the good guys. A time of rest before all those bad guys get arrested for child sex trafficking. Major anti-Trump Republican Ruben Verastigui was just arrested for distribution of child pornography.

The illusionary presidency of Joe Biden; performing his Govt. work from inside of a film studio. A new base of operations for the US American Govt. in Texas? The massive shock that awaits humanity as it awakens to the fact that sinister forces have been manipulating mankind. The new quantum financial banking system. The continued rescue of those abducted children in underground facilities. The U.S. Military is now in control of our Govt. and country. Accepting one’s personal challenges and releasing one’s fears and conflicts. Standing in one’s power and light. Choosing the timeline that feels best.



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