This is a free monthly class for registered members where students learn the basics and advanced principles and concepts of each topic and issue.

Each class topic lasts approximately 3 months.

All class registration is on a first come first serve basis. Allowing a maximum of 12 students to attend and participate in these high intensity spiritual growth group classes.

Focusing on the tools, methods, principles, mechanics and essence of each topic.

The following are just a small amount of the topics being taught…

Self-love: The value of acceptance and denial.

The art and wisdom of manifesting.

The power of focus; Doing vs. Being

How can I tell when I am perceiving my own mental / ego projections or the other person’s actual energies?

How to develop confidence; practice exercises.

Mastering ceremonial magic. (mastering the foundational structures and principles of manifesting)

Sacred sex or hard-core animal passion?

The nature of sympathetic magic.

E.S.P. The power of focus & concentration.

BELIEFS; The belief of control vs. trusting in the Tao.

Spiritual development; A self-awareness exercise.

How to neutralize beliefs.

The nature of victim-mentality. (understanding one’s purpose)

Opening self to channel: Overcoming obstacles. Becoming a viable bridge for higher aspects of self.

Manifesting abundance and the issue of trust.

The benefits of non-attachment; Greater concentration, greater focus, greater manifesting abilities.

Self-worth: How to create a stronger image and sense of value.

Surrendering of the self; Its true value.

The healing and transformation of Gaia.

Forgiveness: A higher perspective.

How to become self-aware of the “ebb & flow” of the current shifting mass collective consciousness.

Dreams: The nature of dreaming. Practice exercise to become self-aware inside of your dreams.

Galactic cultures: (Extra-terrestrials & dimensional beings) Learning how to resolve fear.

Hidden fears in interpersonal relationships & How to resolve.

SELF-OBSESSION: (How to resolve this issue)

What is the primary element of the spiritual pathway?

What are the two core functions of the Soul?

What 3 key attitudes and emotions best foster healing?

The 3 Paths to the Divine: What is the quickest pathway to attaining higher consciousness?

What are the three elemental aspects of the soul?

Effective methods to ground the subconscious mind.

Is the meditative state literally the same as the dream state?

How to manage trance levels in channeling.

Astral projection 101: Mastering the basics.

Healing & Miracles: The nature of denial and how to resolve.

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