Exploring the pathway of self-realization

Welcome Light Leaders



Exploring the path of self-realization”

Welcome to all.

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to aid each and every individual with the light and love of the Divine Creator. Each individual has within them this divine light. This light is ever expanding and ever growing as the Creator sends love and light to each of you, and in return each of you send love and light to the Divine Creator. It is unity, it is oneness. My purpose here is to encourage both an intensity of dedication to self-awareness and self-empowerment mixed with a light touch coupled with the seeking to accelerate the pace of evolution and to assist individuals to move into higher expression of self-awareness and of the realization of our unity with Divine Creator.

It takes a great deal of courage and discipline to go far on the path of self-discovery and face those deep, hidden fears, blocks and limiting beliefs. And this, the path of courage, the path of fearlessness in the face of not knowing will grant you more and more of a sense of being able to reach into the resources of your deeper self, your inner self, of soul consciousness, and manifest the true joy of faith and will. If you love to cherish and care for others and seek to know the source of things rather than the superficial aspects, if you are practicing being in the presence of the Divine Creator, if you are seeking to cleanse and strengthen the mind and emotions, living in faith rather than seeking outside yourself for proof, if you have hope, trust and love, then these things will speak for you.

For each service that you perform for others is a stride along the road of freedom. To do this you must be willing to accept responsibility for your challenges. True freedom, involves deep choices and a clear and lucid accountability to yourself. All learning requires practice. Therefore, the essence here in this light community is to foster and encourage, nurture and support each other. And as one finds such a community and enters into communion with those in that community there is a strengthening and a stability which becomes possible only as individuals gather together and offer themselves that which is greater than they are.

Now, at this particular time many who may call themselves Light workers, Star-seeds, Indigos or Wanderers are awakening to their spiritual identity. As this awakening continues, there arises within the seeker a great hunger to know more, to find ways to serve the Divine, to become comfortable with this awakened state of consciousness. Therefore, this light community acts as a spiritual or metaphorical anchor. Thus, we encourage each to enjoy the harmony, support, sharing and encouragement that dwells in the heart of this spiritual community.

You are a multidimensional personality, and within you lies all the knowledge about yourself, your challenges and problems that you will ever need to know. My mission is to remind you of the incredible power within your own being, and to encourage you to recognize and use it. It is vital to remember that “there are no coincidences or accidents; therefore, you have led yourself here for a purpose.” Whether that be providing yourself with a safe environment for learning, healing and resolving fears and limitations or allowing yourself the fullness of sharing love and kindness with others or allowing yourself the joy and bliss of merging with Divine Creator.

For it has been said, that when the freedom that you seek is the freedom to love and to serve others, you stand on firm ground. Thus, as you learn and serve others, you become yourself transformed by that which is your awareness, and the illusions created by self are seen with new perspective and is itself transformed by your perception of it as a greater portion of the Universal Creator knowing Itself through each other portion of Itself. That is the purpose of creation, that the Creator may know itself in greater and greater depth, greater intensity and greater variety. Therefore, sacred light community is a place where individuals who wish to learn, to do spiritual work, emotional work and mental work together, can share in the responsibility for loving, cherishing and honoring each other.

The present timeline of 2020 has already changed and is continuing to change. Many have already stepped into new realities and are not even aware that they have done so. This is simply another aspect of the inner processes that are involved in the journey towards higher ascension. Therefore, it is hoped that these words today will help many to realize the next level for themselves of their personal soul journey is in true acceptance of one’s own authority and power as a creator being, and that they themselves can redefine their reality to the degree that they wish. The information presented in this light community is empowering, beneficial, expansive, practical and results oriented, in that it may serve as a catalyst for creating intense self-realizations, accelerated growth and movement into those higher aspects of consciousness, self-awareness and empowerment.

There is much material available to members in multiple areas of manifesting, self-improvement, perceptional awareness, soul development, value fulfillment, ego resolve, self-confidence, psychic clarity & balance. Some of the more common issues in this light-based community that members learn about and gain new, in-depth perspective on are…auras, altered states, healing, psychic development, orbs, self-worth, poltergeists, reincarnation, remote viewing, nirvana, light beings, soul contracts, out-of-body-experiences, angelic frequencies, karmic patterns & lessons, ghosts & hauntings, sexual taboos, soul groups, unity consciousness, resolving fear, ancient history, etc. Developing psychic clarity, inner strength and confidence, examining hidden unconscious patterns & attitudes, ancient esoteric mysteries, personal power management, collective consciousness healing, stilling the mind and dream interpretation.

Now, a key pathway towards self-realization is in the exploration and expansion of knowing self and learning the mechanics of how you manifest or create your reality, allowing yourself to become more familiar with you. Allowing self the familiarization and the recognition in its entirety, resolving one’s challenges in order to develop a relaxation and aligning of energy and integration of those challenges in order to attain that inner balance, harmony and wholeness. Therefore, this light community recognizes no separateness but instead, realizes and perceives each and every individual as integrated parts of the whole picture of reality.

Many individuals want to be mentally programmed so they don’t have to take responsibility for their own lives because they are afraid of the consequences of making mistakes, primarily the fear of failure and exposure to that failure from their peers in that, they enjoy having someone else tell them what to do and in that way, they are completely free from responsibility for their actions, outcomes and any failures that may follow. Therefore, taking personal responsibility is of primary importance. Currently, this is a crucial time in terms of the human race realizing its’ greater truths and principles, but to realize those greater truths and even more importantly to live and experience such truths and principles, one must be willing to look at the deepest unconscious beliefs and identifications regarding their purpose or mission in life and the role they intend to play.

Thus, the path of true wisdom is that which allows one to see and know the higher truth and source of things. Many individuals seek more material things than spiritual things and one of the more common goals of many individuals is the seeking of power. In that, many seek it but few understand that power is an illusion, unless of course that power stems from the inner truth of one’s cosmic being. There is a vital truth of all of creation, in that we are all part of the Divine Creator and that the reality in which we live and experience our daily lives is created by the power of love, and is formed by that which is called light energy. Those who are conscious seekers of truth have drawn themselves to this light community for the inner purpose of unification with the Divine Creator, whether consciously aware of this or not.

Only those who feel ready and have evolved to the point of self-awareness and recognition will take that next step into greater depth of spirit and their own self-exploration, their own soul pathway. This light community, its spiritual guardians, protective light beings, human ambassadors, Divine Creator Itself and all the information and material presented here in this community is open to all for their benefit. Take what you will of what is offered here. Use that which feels good to you and discard the rest without a moment’s hesitation. We are here to educate, to inspire, to encourage, to share the wisdom, love and knowing that we are all one.

And so, if you feel a connection to this light community and its energies and feel that you are at that state of individual ‘readiness’ for greater spiritual development, personal improvement, healing, soul growth, expansion of awareness, and are ready to face your fears, and wish to assist this planet and its peoples in its overall ascension, then please enter and make yourself at home and explore those areas of interest that you feel are significant in order to expand and increase your awareness, harmony, joy, clarity, courage, empowerment, confidence, understanding, comfort and well-being.


In time, all peoples will be united in conscious spiritual awareness and light leaders are the first wave leading the way.